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Ocean Nature Study
  • Ocean Nature Study

    Join us for our July Nature Study Club: Oceans, where explorers will travel into the marine world to discover the ocean life that adds such beauty to our natural world. In this study, explorers will be introduced to marine life topics with daily units and activities, including:


    • Introduction to Ocean Layers🐠

    • Coral & Coral Reefs

    • Waves & Tides🌊

    • Tide Pools🦀

    • Ocean Food Chain🦞

    • SHARKS🦈! Including shark predatory habits, anatomy, design, life cycle, and more!

    • Invertebrates, including jellyfish, octopuses, squid, and more!🐙

    • Shells🐚

    • Whales & Dolphins🐳

    • Crustaceans🦀

    • Completing engaging STEAM activities like: shark buoyancy, jellyfish sculptures, paper shark dissection, water pressure and crustaceans activity,

    •  hammerhead shark watercolor art tutorial 

    • Reading ocean-inspired poetry!

    • Playing our original game, Oceanology!

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    Whether our Nature Study Club explorers are exploring ocean life, a pond nearby, a national park of wonder, or even your own backyard, the endless exploration possibilities are all genuinely encouraged by our club. The Nature Study Club truly believes that these exploration opportunities are all equally wonderful for learning and growth. This July study is just another example of our love and commitment to nourish the exploring hearts of our Nature Study Club children by taking them to the waters to explore the ocean animals that they all love so dearly!


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