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Nature Signs & Survival Nature Study
  • Nature Signs & Survival Nature Study

    BRAND NEW Nature Signs & Survival Unit! In this unit explorers will travel deeper into the natural world to discover the signs extended to us by nature, which aid in our journeys, as well as the rules of survival when exploring this beautiful world. In this study, explorers will be introduced to nature signs and survival topics with daily units and activities, including:


    • Cardinal directions and compass use🧭

    • Mental mapping🗺️

    • Reading animal tracks and trails🐾

    • Cloud reading to predict weather☁️

    • Phenology and signs in nature🍂

    • First aid in nature🤕

    • Introduction to bushcraft🎣

    • Drinking water safety in nature🚰

    • Nature’s Insulators🌿

    • Unconventional tools in nature⚒️

    • Foraging edible plants🍎

    • Completing engaging STEAM activities like: DIY firestarters🔥, backpacking safety card development, mapping activities, a fun survival game, solar oven creation, paracord bracelet making, camping watercolor art instruction⛺ 

    • Reading nature-inspired poetry by the wonderful Walt Whitman!

    • Recipes for dandelion tea, cupcakes & an easy trail mix!

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    Whether our Nature Study Club explorers are exploring the park in town, a national park of wonder, or even your own backyard, the endless exploration possibilities are all genuinely encouraged by our club. The Nature Study Club believes these exploration opportunities are all equally wonderful for learning and growth. This June study is just another example of our love and commitment to nourish the exploring hearts of our Nature Study Club children!


    If you enjoy this unit, please see our Nature Study Club page to learn more about our monthly subscription program!


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