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Nature 911 Year 1 Collection
  • Nature 911 Year 1 Collection

    Have you ever encountered a bear on a hike or found an abandoned bunny in your yard? Do you know how to stay safe when enjoying the water in the summer or how to make a tree pit shelter if lost in the woods? Have you ever encountered an abandoned bird and wondered what you could or should do to help? How do you stay safe in a thunderstorm or tornado? 


    Those are just a few of the Nature 911 “Emergencies” your family will learn how to handle in this expanded set of our Nature 911 cards! This set includes all of the Nature 911 cards released to our Nature Study Club members from May 2022-May 2023 on the following topics:


    This collection features 10 Nature 911 card packs that will help you deal with the following “Nature” emergencies on the following topics:


    • Birds & Nests - Abandoned & Injured Birds & Window Strike Prevention
    • Animal Homes - Bear Encounter, Beaver Slab, Abandoned Bunny, Invasive Squirrel Nests
    • Pond Life - Turtles on the Road, How to Handle Amphibians, Water Safety, Swimmers Itch
    • Weather - Tornado Safety, Caught in a Thunderstorm, Sunburn, and Ear Barotrauma!
    • Insects - Insect Repellant, Save the Bees, Wasp Stings, and Mosquito Yard Barrier
    • Deciduous Trees - Storm Felled Trees, Wood Splinter, Tree Climbing Safety, Tree Conservation
    • Night Sky - Solar Eclipse Viewing, Light Pollution, Sleeping Under the Stars, and Activities in the Dark!
    • Great White North - Fall Through Ice, Frozen Metal, Tree Pit Shelter, Dress for the Cold!
    • Four Seasons - Preventing Erosion, Drought Fire Safety, Garden Soil Health, Flooded Wildlife
    • Nature Around Me - Reduce Ecological Footprint, Conservation, Rebuild Your Yard, Connect With Nature 


    Our Nature 911 Cards were created to help all explorers, young and old, properly learn how to respond to nature's 'emergencies'!


    This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent


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