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Monarch Unit Study
  • Monarch Unit Study

    Learn all about the Monarch in this unit that includes over 100 pages of beautiful posters, worksheets, STEM & play activities, nature journaling, and a delicious recipes! 


    Here's more on what we will explore in this Monarch Butterfly unit:


    🦋 Flutter-Tastic Booklist 📖

    Dive into a world of enchanting stories and fascinating facts with our specially curated Monarch Butterfly Booklist. From imaginative tales to scientific wonders, these books will make your learning journey as delightful as a butterfly dance!


    🦋 Monarch Butterfly Fact Sheets 🤓

    Get ready to impress your friends with your newfound Monarch knowledge! Fact sheets galore, covering everything from wing patterns to migratory wonders. Did you know Monarchs can travel up to 3,000 miles during migration? Mind. Blown.


    🦋 Life Cycle Extravaganza 🔄

    Take a hands-on approach with our life cycle resources! Flashcards, writing activities, a life cycle wheel, and cut-and-paste fun – witness the magical transformation of caterpillar to butterfly right at your fingertips!


    🦋 Butterfly Anatomy Bonanza ✏️

    Labeling sheets, writing and drawing prompts, and anatomy fact sheets will turn your little learners into Monarch maestros. From proboscis to antennae, no wing or segment will be left unexplored!


    🦋 Habitat & Conservation Adventures 🏡

    Explore the Monarch's majestic world! Learn about habitats, conservation efforts, and engage in a silhouette habitat art activity. Because saving the world, one butterfly at a time, is just what we do.


    🦋 Taxonomy Teasers 🧐

    Classify like a champ! Delve into taxonomy fact sheets and test your skills with our insect classification worksheet. Is your Monarch a master of disguise?


    🦋 Dining with the Monarchs 🍴

    Feast your eyes on anatomy posters, diet fact sheets, and a coloring page that'll make you appreciate the culinary tastes of a butterfly. Included are recipes you can make yourself: Butterfly bowtie pasta salad, anyone?


    🦋 Migration & Maps Madness 🗺️

    Embark on a Monarch migration extravaganza! Fact sheets, Oyamel Fir Forest deep dives, posters, writing prompts, and coloring pages. Who needs a GPS when you've got Monarchs leading the way?


    🦋 Playful Mats & Coloring Bliss 🎨

    Spread those wings and get creative with our Monarch Butterfly Playmat & Coloring set! Because education should always have room for a dash of fun.


    🦋 Nature Journaling 📓

    Document your Monarch musings in a Nature Journal that'll become a cherished keepsake. It's a scrapbook of your insect-infused escapades!


    🦋 Stem & Art Extravaganza 🌈

    Craft time! Dive into stained glass butterfly art, a static wings experiment, a felt Monarch butterfly creation, and a magnificent Monarch banner. Your creativity will soar!



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