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Mapping the Night Sky & Constellation Wheel
  • Mapping the Night Sky & Constellation Wheel

    Learn all about the night sky and the stars that shine upon us with this interesting science pack, featuring; constellation reading, mapping the sky, constellation & seafaring stars learning, a constellation wheel, constellation creation punch cards art, and more! All Ages


    What’s Included in this Pack:

    • Constellation Reading
    • Mapping the Sky Info Poster
    • Constellation & Seafaring Stars Posters
    • Northern & Southern Constellation Guide Posters
    • Constellation Wheel for Northern & Southern hemisphere
    • Constellation Flashcards
    • Constellation Punch Cards - Punch out the holes and shine a flashlight to see the constellations! Can you match them to your flashcards?
    • Constellation Inquiry


    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent.


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