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Indian Peafowl Unit Study
  • Indian Peafowl Unit Study

    🔍🦚 The Art and Science of feather elegance combine into one unique anatomy study in Bird of the Month Club this month! 


    Whether you are new to the Bird of the Month Club or already a member, our Indian Peafowl unit is a wonderful addition to your family’s bird study! This unit includes over 100 pages of beautiful posters, worksheets, STEM & play activities, nature journaling, and a delicious dessert recipe! 


    Each one of our Bird of the Month Club units features a different bird characteristic. For the month of October, that featured physical characteristic is Bird Tail Feathers and how unique and important they really are to birds!


     In this unit, your children will be learning how to make their own stained glass Indian Peafowl.


    Here’s more on what’s included:


    • Indian Peafowl fact reading pages

    • Peafowl Range and Mapping skills

    • Indian Peafowl Life Cycle fact sheet, 3-part cards, poster, worksheets, and life cycle wheel 

    • Color your own 3-Part life cycle Indian Peafowl cards

    • Indian Peafowl anatomy posters and activity pages

    • Bird Tail feather poster and activity sheets

    • Ground Nest fact sheet

    • Habitat 3-part cards

    • Geography study: India, Indonesia, Congo

    • Writing activities: creative writing with photo prompts, short story, acrostic and diamanté poems

    • Indian Peafowl Student Nature Journal

    • Vocabulary word cards and activity page

    • Bird trait worksheet with video links

    • Taxonomy & classification posters and worksheet

    • Peafowl coloring pages

    • October bird sighting and nesting logs

    • Book list and extension activities

    • Indian Peafowl video and bird sound links

    • Fun recipe

    • STEM project: Bird Tail Feathers Activity


    Each Bird of the Month unit contains a special nature journal filled with 20+ pages covering geography, habitat, sounds, drawing, and so much more!


    This unit includes activities for all ages and can be completed in a family-style setting.


    If you enjoy this unit Check Out our Bird of the Month Club HERE!!


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