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Greece Unit Study
  • Greece Unit Study

    Journey with the World Explorers Club to the breath-taking nation of 

    GREECE, where you will be mesmerized by the twisted olive tree trunk standing through the ages… Where you will be entertained by the Common dolphin dancing in the azure blue water, or gaze in disbelief at the Parthenon set firmly in the ancient grounds… You may enjoy your day with the Greeks, sunbathing on the miles of coastline with an icy sour cherry juice in your hands, or marvel at the peak of Mount Olympus towering in the distance. There are so many magnificent things to discover during the next stop for the World Explorers Club! So, come along and explore the amazing geography of this nation with For the Love of Homeschooling! 


    In the July study, explorers will be introduced to Greece with daily units and activities, including:


    • Introduction to the basics: Geographical location, mapping, language, population 🗺️

    • National Representation: the flag, symbols, emblems 🐬

    • Economy & Currency 🧳

    • Government & Religion ⚖️🏛️

    • History in 5 Timeline ⌛

    • Nature & Conservation 🐐

    • Geography & Landforms ⛰️

    • Wildlife 🐋

    • Climate & Weather 🌬️

    • Country Curiosity ⏰

    • The Arts 📖

    • Music & Instruments 🎵

    • Sports & Recreation 🏃🏽

    • Holidays & Celebrations 🪁

    • Food & Drink 🍽️

    • Greek Recipes - Sfakianopita, Greek Salad, Baklava, and more!📜

    • Playing original games; Continent Hop, Continent Trek, and Relic Race🎲

    • Completing engaging 🔬STEAM🧮 activities, like: 

      • Greek Warrior Helmet

      • Parthenon Strength STEM

      • Ancient Greek Ship Building

      • Edible Peninsula

      • Amazing Anemometers STEM

      • Water Clock STEM 

      • Common Dolphin Life Cycle learning

      • Greek Patterned Pottery

      • Artist-designed learn to draw the Mediterranean monk seal activity

      • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    🧳Our July GREECE study is available now so you can pack your bags, grab your passport, and journey with us to explore this amazing nation from day one! Please join us in exploring the beautiful geography that our planet has to offer in our fun and immersive club!


    The World Explorers Club seeks to add excitement to geography studies by inviting our explorers to journey to a new country each month and explore that nation’s people, culture, lands, wildlife, and more! Understanding the people that call this place home, their background and what makes them unique, the culture that breathes life into that country, the nature that blankets that geographical location, and the climate that influences everyday life… this is what the World Explorers Club aims to do! For the Love of Homeschooling would like to invite you to travel beside us as we explore the geography of this great big world together 🔎🗺️!  


    We are so eager to explore the amazing countries of our planet with the families of the World Explorers Club! Let’s take a look at the aspects of this club that sets it apart from other geography studies: 

    • We extend the club to the earliest explorers, all the way through to the more seasoned explorers, by offering learning activities for varied skill levels and most importantly, a direct focus on family-style learning. Also included are plentiful STEAM opportunities for all ages! 

    • The World Explorers Club teacher’s manual and learning activities feature original watercolor art by amazingly talented artists offering a beautiful and unique style! 

    • The manuals offer organization and ease of use with engaging readings and customized learning activities for each of the 20 days! 

    • The explorer’s Exploration Log offers a unique format for engaging our explorers in this adventurous learning! 

    • The World Explorers Club will continue to explore the world with a new and intriguing country each month! With a club subscription, you unlock access to the amazing geography of a new country each and every month! 


    👀Sneak peek: August’s unit will take us to an endless savanna, where lions, elephants, and rhinos laze in the sundrenched land, where the landscape varies from the Great Rift Valley to highland forests, or even white sand beaches… Join us in exploring KENYA🦁! 


    *Don’t forget!... We love seeing our club members from across the globe learning with us and creating a true community of explorers. When you join the World Explorers Club, we invite you to follow us on Instagram and post often about your own club experiences! We would love to see your explorers in action! Seeing the posts of other World Explorer Club families may benefit your own exploration endeavors as it may offer you further ideas for how to implement this study into your unique schooling experience. Hope to see you there, fellow explorers! PSST… don’t forget your passports!


    If you enjoy this unit be sure to check out our World Explorers Club


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