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Geology Nature Study
  • Geology Nature Study

    Geology, where explorers will become skilled investigators, examining the rocks, minerals, and crystals of the Earth, while unraveling the mysteries concealed in the geological layers of our world! In this study, explorers will be introduced to geology with daily units and activities, including:


    • Plate Tectonics & Planet Earth

    • The Rock Cycle

    • Igneous Rocks & their characteristics

    • Sedimentary Rocks

    • Metamorphic Rocks

    • Crystal Formation

    • Rock Identification & Testing

    • Rocks vs. Minerals

    • Erosion and Carving of Rock in Landforms

    • Mountain Formation

    • Fossils

    • Ores

    • Gold Formation & the Gold Rush

    • Completing engaging STEAM activities including; rock cycle activity, play-dough sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, geode formation, erosion & weathering labs, folding mountains activity, make your own fossils, geology-inspired poetry, and a volcano watercolor art tutorial! 

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    The Nature Study Club extends to each and everyone of our explorers the encouragement, nourishment, and guidance for an interesting and unique, natural world education. At the heart of For the Love of Homeschooling, we believe that all of our explorers can benefit from a natural world education, from the earliest explorers to the more seasoned explorers. We strive to fully include and capture the interest of each explorer, regardless of age or ability! Our club offers multiple levels of learning activities, a direct focus on family-style learning while catering to those different ability levels, plentiful STEAM opportunities for all ages, and the use of a wide range of academic skills in a fun and creative way!


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