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Fish Life Cycle Nature Study
  • Fish Life Cycle Nature Study

    Learn all about the life cycle of fish with this fun nature study unit. Also includes a fish observation journal for you to use when raising fish or observing them in the wild!


    Included in this unit you will find:


    • Life Cycle Information Poster - Learn about the four stages of the fish life cycle with this information poster.
    • Life Cycle Posters - Includes 3 poster options that display the life cycle of a fish.
    • Flashcards & 3 Part Cards - Includes flashcards & 3 part cards for all stages of the fish life cycle. 
    • Make Your Own Flashcards & 3 Part Cards - Includes black and white flashcards & 3 part cards for all stages of the fish life cycle so that your child can color and make their own flashcards.
    • Fish Observation Journal - Use this journal to record your observations when raising fish or observing fish in the wild. Each page includes a section for drawing your observations and recording what you see as well as documenting any changes observed.
    • Worksheets - Includes life cycle coloring and cut and paste worksheets.
    • Extension Activities: Includes crafts, books, videos, coloring pages, and more to extend your learning.

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