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Firefly Unit Study.
  • Firefly Unit Study.

    We are thrilled to introduce our Insect of the Month: the fascinating firefly! Dive into a world of wonder with our comprehensive unit study, designed to captivate learners of all ages. 


    Explore what will illuminate your summer studies below!


    Included Booklist:A curated selection of books to help you and your students delve deeper into the world of fireflies.


    Firefly Fact Sheets: Detailed sheets packed with fascinating facts about fireflies, perfect for enhancing knowledge and sparking curiosity.


    Firefly Cycle Resources: Flashcards, writing activities, a life cycle wheel, and cut-and-paste activities to understand the life stages of fireflies.


    Firefly Anatomy:Anatomy labeling sheets, writing and drawing prompts, and fact sheets to learn about the structure and functions of fireflies.


    Firefly Taxonomy:Taxonomy fact sheets, review materials, and an insect classification worksheet to explore the scientific classification of fireflies.


    Firefly Diet: Diet posters, a detailed fact sheet, and a fun coloring page to learn about what fireflies eat and their role in the ecosystem.


    Firefly Maps:Fact sheets, posters, writing prompts, and coloring pages to explore where fireflies live around the world.


    Firefly Playmat & Coloring:A playful and educational playmat along with coloring activities to engage younger learners.


    Firefly Nature Journal: A nature journal for students to document their observations and reflections on fireflies and their environment.


    Firefly STEM & Art: Exciting projects like Glowing Firefly Jars Craft, Firefly Light Experiment, Firefly Circuits, felt firefly craft, and a firefly banner to blend science, technology, engineering, and art.


    Firefly Recipes: Fun and delicious recipes like Glowing Firefly Jello and Firefly Cupcakes to bring a taste of fireflies to your kitchen.


    If you enjoy this unit Check Out our Insect of the Month Club HERE!


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