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Fill Your Cup While Filling Their Sippy Cup
  • Fill Your Cup While Filling Their Sippy Cup

    Surely you've heard the phrase, Fill Your Cup ...often a part of the Mother Culture world, this phrase offers support to mothers to take a moment to refill, strengthen, or recharge their mental/emotional and physical energy. The thought being that by pouring a bit of time into ourselves, we can then be our best selves with our children and with our families. 


    This unit offers encouragement to work with what you've got and create those "fill your cup" moments even with the kiddos right by your side! 8 thoughtfully curated ideas to offer you weekly moments of filling your cup, while also filling their sippy cups including:


    *Mindful Moments

    *Musical Mlodies

    *Joyful Journaling


    *Read & Relax

    * Yoga for You & Yours

    * Peace & Painting

    *Wonderful Walking


    * This is a digital product. No physicl item will be sent

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