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Ee is for Eagle - A Long E Learning Pack

Ee is for Eagle - A Long E Learning Pack

Learn all about the Long E sound and so much more with this Eagle-themed learning pack!


Here's more on what's included:


Literacy Activities

  • Ee is for Eagle 3-Part Cards
  • A - Z Flashcards
  • Word Tracing Worksheets
  • Upper & Lower Case Matching Cards
  • Letter Recognition Worksheets
  • Acorn Garland
  • My Book of E Words
  • Long E Words Matching


Math Activities

  • Counting Worksheets
  • Number Recognition Worksheets
  • Number Tracing
  • Count & Clip Cards 1 - 12
  • Matching Worksheets
  • Patterning Worksheet
  • Graphing Worksheets
  • Simple Addition Problems
  • Number 0 - 12 Flashcards
  • Shape Flashcards
  • Eagle Fractions Math Game
  • Color Matching Activity and Worksheet


Play Activities:

  • Craft
  • Recipe
  • Scavenger Hunts

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