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Earthworm Unit Study
  • Earthworm Unit Study

    Welcome to the fascinating world of the Insect of the Month Club, brought to you by For the Love of Homeschooling! Join us on a thrilling journey each month, diving deep into the enchanting realm of a different insect species. This month, we will be exploring the fascinating life of the earthworm! Though not an insect, earthworms are often associated with insets and in this unit we will dive into the following:


    • Booklist
    • Earthworm Fact Sheets
    • Earthworm Cycle Resources (flashcards, writing activities, life cycle wheel, and cut & paste activities)
    • Earthworm (anatomy labeling sheets, writing and drawing prompt, and anatomy fact sheets)
    • Earthworm Taxonomy (taxonomy fact sheets & review & classification worksheet)
    • Earthworm Diet (anatomy posters, fact sheet & coloring page)
    • Earthworm Maps (fact sheets, posters, writing prompts & coloring pages)
    • Earthworm Playmat & Coloring
    • Earthworm Nature Journal
    • Earthworm Stem & Art (Cheerio Worm Craft, Earthworm Anatomy Model, felt worm craft & worm banner)
    • Earthworm Recipes (Earthworms in “Dirt" Snack Cups and Earthworm Cake)


     Join us on this thrilling adventure!


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