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Boreal Forest Nature Study
  • Boreal Forest Nature Study

    Join For the Love of Homeschooling and the Nature Study Club this November, as our explorers enjoy studying the boreal biome, leaping lynxes, darling deer, and so much more! 


    The November Nature Study Club: Boreal Forest will take you to the heart of the northern wilderness, where the very air shimmers with a frosty enchantment!


    Biome discovery: Map and read about the Boreal biome, and learn our unique B.O.R.E.A.L acrostic to sort the biome for yourself!


    Boreal Discovery: Discover the layers of the forest with our watercolor lift-a-flap, and learn why boreal forest soil is unique and rich despite being so chilly!


    Meet the common loon, a waterfowl with a coat of onyx and ivory, and a voice that carries across the mirrored lakes until it migrates to warmer climes for winter.


    Discover how caribou anatomy works - with another amazing Nature Study Club dissection! 


    Create geometric animal art using tonal color schemes for our monthly Group art project!


    Study how pine needles create natural dyes in our group STEM this month! 


    Make your very own pine needle tea to sip as you complete an art tutorial by @dwellinglogs 


    Learn about Lynxes, the secretive guardians of this enchanted woodland who are ever vigilant, ever ready to pounce upon their preferred prey - the snowshoe hare!


    Each pocket of this woodland utopia is a unique ecological treasure chest, from the mossy, fairy tale glades to the fierce controlled burns that are needed to rejuvenate the forest! 


    Learn all this, and so much more! 


    Our Nature Study Club explorers will learn that the boreal forest is more than just a tapestry of trees and creatures; it is a symphony of biomes. Each pocket of this woodland utopia is a unique ecological treasure chest, from the mossy, fairy tale glades to the frozen crystal caverns. In every corner, a new chapter of wonder unfolds, where life harmoniously thrives in its most dazzling forms.


    The Nature Study Club extends to each and everyone of our explorers, encouragement and guidance for an amazing natural world education. From the earliest explorers to the more seasoned explorers, we strive to capture the interest of all, regardless of age or ability! Our club offers multiple levels of learning activities, a direct focus on family-style learning, plentiful STEAM opportunities for all ages, and the use of a wide range of academic skills in a fun and creative way!


    If you enjoy this unit be sure to check out our Nature Study Club where you can get our monthly nature studies for just $15/mth!


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