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At Grandpas Sugar Bush Book Companion Pack
  • At Grandpas Sugar Bush Book Companion Pack


    The book At Grandpa's Sugar Bush by Margaret Carney is a beautiful adventure taken by a little boy as he participates in making maple syrup with his grandfather. This companion book unit digs deeper into the story and what the two people experience, see, and do during this journey through the forest.



    • Sugar maple classification poster, Anatomy posters (leaf, samara, tree), Life Cycle poster and 3-part cards, seasons and activity pages for each
    • Maple tree seasons poster and activity page
    • Forest animals (with foot/paw prints), moon, and snowflake 3-part cards
    • Activity pages for: geographical location, sugar moon, maple syrup and sapping, forest animal prints in snow
    • Literature study: setting, character profiles, and story timeline
    • Coloring and painting pages
    • Maple Sugar Moon Cookies Recipe
    • Leaf craft
    • Fun game
    • Plus more!


    *This is a digital Download. No physical item will be sent.


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