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Winter Birds Nature Study
  • Winter Birds Nature Study

    Our Winter Birds Nature Study unit is designed to bring the beauty and diversity of winter avian life straight to your homeschool curriculum. 


    In this study you will receive a comprehensive digital package, including a teacher's manual, printable pack with posters and flashcards, and four workbooks tailored to cover all ages in your homeschool. All this and the twenty days of activities below, plus final projects! Here's what's covered in our Winter Birds unit! 


    Day 1 - Intro to Winter Birds:

    Embark on this journey with an introduction to the fascinating world of winter birds. Discover their unique characteristics, migration patterns, and the adaptations that help them thrive in colder climates.


    Day 2 - Wings & Feathers:

    Delve into the intricacies of wings and feathers and explore how feathers provide warmth, trap air when fluffing, and play a vital role in maintaining an elevated body temperature, crucial for survival in winter.


    Day 3 - Talons:

    Uncover the secrets of talons and learn about the unique blood supply to a bird's feet. Explore the importance of talons in hunting, perching, and overall bird physiology.


    Day 4 - Beaks:

    Study the lightweight nature of bird beaks and their direct correlation to eating habits and diet. Understand how different beak shapes are adapted for specific feeding strategies.


    Day 5 - Group STEM:

    Engage in a collaborative STEM activity, applying knowledge gained throughout the week. This day provides an opportunity for hands-on exploration and experimentation related to winter birds.


    Day 6-10 - Individual Bird Studies:

    Dedicate each day to a specific winter bird – Chickadee, Snowy Owl, Cardinal, and Barn Owl. Explore their habitats, behaviors, and unique characteristics through a blend of hands-on activities, readings, and observations.


    Day 10 - Group ART:

    Express your newfound knowledge through artistic endeavors. Create bird-themed art, perhaps inspired by the colors of a cardinal or the snowy landscape inhabited by the Snowy Owl.


    Day 11 - Air Sacs & Bones:

    Learn about the intricacies of bird anatomy, focusing on air sacs and bones. Understand their role in flight and warmth, connecting back to the earlier discussions on beaks.


    Day 12 - Winter Habitat:

    Delve into the winter habitats of birds, including the construction of nests and the process of laying eggs. Explore how these aspects contribute to the survival and reproduction of winter birds.


    Day 13 - Winter Birds and Food:

    Explore the interconnectedness of winter birds and their food sources. Dive into concepts of food chains, trophic levels, and ecosystems to understand the delicate balance of nature.


    Day 14 - Gameschooling Day:

    Engage in educational games centered around winter birds, including memory, bingo, and our original game this month: Feathered Refuge! Reinforce learning through these interactive and fun activities that engage the whole family in avian activities! 


    Day 15 - Group Poetry and Tea Time:

    Wrap up the unit with a touch of literary and sensory delight. Share bird-inspired poetry and enjoy a cozy tea time, fostering a love for nature and learning within the community.


    Days 16-20 are when your explorers get to show what they have learned by completing an age-appropriate final project!


    With the For the Love of Homeschooling Nature Study Club, every month promises a rich, immersive experience that blends education, exploration, and creativity – all from the comfort of your homeschool. Happy bird-watching!

    Remember, we are passionate about providing a community for our explorers and their families! When you join the Nature Study Club, we invite you to follow us on Instagram and post often about your personal club experiences. We adore seeing your explorers in action! Seeing the posts of other Nature Study Club families also benefits one another as it may offer further ideas for how families might implement this study into their unique schooling experiences. Hope to see you there, fellow explorers! 

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