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Upgrade! Homesteading Mega Bundle Vol 2!
  • Upgrade! Homesteading Mega Bundle Vol 2!

    The Homesteading Mega Bundle PLUS our Sourdough bundle! Get all 70 products included int he homesteading Mega Bundle Vol 2 PLUS our Sourdough Bundle!


    For 10 Days ONLY, when you purchase the Homesteading Mega Bundle you can add on the BRAND NEW Sourdough Mini Bunde by For the Love of Homeschooling for just $14!


    This mini bundle includes 3 incredible sourdough units including Our Let’s Make Sourdough Guide that not only covers the sourdough making process and includes delicious recipes but also takes you through the history of sourdough, health benefits of sourdough, and so much more all in an easy to follow lesson plan that you and your children will be able to enjoy together! We have also included our Sourdough Early Learning Pack and Pretend Play Kits so your littlest learners can join in the sourdough making fun!! Once the sale is over this resource sells for $40 USD so be sure to take advantage of this wonderful deal for just $14!


    Embark on a delightful journey of discovery and creation with our special unit on making sourdough bread, designed for parents and children to enjoy together! 🍞🌾 Dive into the fascinating world of sourdough as we explore the art of fermentation, kneading, and baking, all while bonding and learning side by side.


    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent.

    • List of Included Products

      1000 Hours Outside

      • Flower Farming with Kids


      A Sense of Homeschool

      • Springtime in the Garden- Smash Pack

      • Spring Learning Cards

      • Fruits & Veggies Science Pack


      Acorns and Aprons

      • Chicken Coop Guide

      • Gardening by the Moon


      Barefoot Child

      • 101 Homesteading - Animals and their Roles.

      • Wild Alphabet

      • DIY Homesteading Sticker Printables



      • A Family Lesson on Poo



      • Caddie Woodlawn Book Unit Study 


      Folksy Tots

      • Seasonal Living


      For the Love of Homeschooling

      • 20 Garden Handicrafts

      • Angus Dissection & Unit Study 

      • Apple & Canning Jar Watercolor Tutorial

      • Beginner Hand Sewing Projects

      • Beginner Sewing Machine Projects

      • Bl is for Blueberry Learning Pack

      • Bread From Around the World Recipe Book

      • Call the Horse Lucky Book Companion

      • Earthworm Mini Unit

      • Elinore Pruitt Stewart Biography 

      • Food Preservation Unit: Canning, Freezing & Dehydrating for Beginners

      • Foraging Mini Unit 

      • Foraging Mushrooms Mini Unit

      • Greenhouse Min Unit

      • Homesteading Anywhere: Becoming Self-Sufficient No Matter Where You Live

      • Homesteading Writing Prompts

      • History of Bread From Around the World

      • How to Draw Book: Farm Theme

      • Laura Ingalls Wilder Biography

      • Let’s Learn About Sewing

      • Let’s Learn About Tractors

      • Let’s Trace Letters: Homesteading Edition (Print)

      • Let’s Trace Letters: Homesteading Edition (Cursive)

      • Make Your Own! A Beginners Guide to Making Your Own Homecare Products

      • Math in the Garden Learning Pack

      • Math on the Homestead Learning Pack

      • Sewing Pretend Play Kit

      • Sheep Life Cycle Unit

      • P is for Peanut Learning Pack

      • Pollinators & Bees: A Royal Quest

      • Then Vs.Now Farming


      Happy Hedgehog Post

      • Visible Mending using Needle Felting


      Heart Spark Homeschool

      • Butterflies: a Mini Unit Study


      Hudson Academy of Curiosity

      • Hot Pot Learning Pack


      Little Homeschool on the Prairies

      • Among the Farmyard People book companion


      Little Pine Learners

      • Butterfly Identification Unit


      Love School at Home 

      • Explore the colorful world of edible plants-Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables Pack 



      • Montessori Care of Environment Unit 3-Part Cards and Visual Baking Recipes


      Montessori Farmer

      • Chicken Unit Study


      Montessori In Daily Life

      • On the Farm Early Learning Pack

      • My First Book of Blending Sounds - Farm Edition


      My Texas Homeschool

      • Misty of Chincoteague Novel Guide

      • Frog & Toad: Story Prep and Phonics/Digraphs Spelling Mats 


      Nature for Children

      • Animals of the World 



      • Seasonal Meal Planner 

      • Cow Mini Unit 


      Pepper & Pine Montessori

      • Composting

      • Seed Observation Log

      • Vegetable Garden Plant Tags

      • Seed and Plant Matching



      • Wild Edible Mushrooms Activity Pack


      The Art Kit

      • Homesteading Bingo


      The Heritage Schoolhouse

      • The Homesteaders Garden Journal


      Wild Feather Edu

      • Beekeeping 

      • Foraging


      Wildflowers by Sarah

      • Strawberries Unit Study 


      Willow & Owl

      • Gardening Guide

      • Spring Poetry Activities


      Wonder House Creative

      • Dream Vacation Life Skills Project


    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q - What ages is the Homesteading Bundle best suited for?

      A - All Ages! With over 70 resources the Homesteading Mega Bundle contains educational resources for all ages. From early learning packs and activities for young learners to unit studies, guides and tutorials on a variety of Homesteading topics for older learners. There really is something for everyone in this bundle including parents!


      Q - Are the products in this bundle the same as the last FTLoH Mega Bundle? 

      A - No! This is a brand new collection of learning resources that have never been offered together before! Occasionally we will include a For the Love of Homeschooling resource that has been featured in a previous bundle if we feel it will aid in the overall cohesiveness of the bundle but this is always just an extra add on that we include as a benefit for customers! In this bundle we have included the DIY Chicken Coop Guide that was in the last Homesteading bundle as it is such a great resource and we felt it would be appreciated by those who missed the last homesteading bundle)


      Q - Can I still purchase past Mega Bundles?

      A - Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the collaborative nature of these collections, we are only able to offer them for a short time. This collection is only available until April 18th 2024


      Q - How long do I have to download the bundle after I purchase?

      A - The link you received in your email is valid for 30 days. We encourage you to download the 1-page pdf in that email within the 30 days. From there you have up to one year to download your bundle or you can simply access the material through the shared Google drive at any time. If within one year of purchase you lose your files or are unable to download the pdf within the 30 days you can just send me an email at support@fortheloveofhomeschooling with your proof of purchase and I will resend you the files to download.


      Q - What is the best way to print the bundle?

      A - Once you download the bundle to your computer, it is yours to print at your leisure for years to come. Most customers choose to print items as needed! You can also opt to have your bundle printed at a local printing shop.

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