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Trees, Leaves & Bark Book Companion Pack
  • Trees, Leaves & Bark Book Companion Pack

    The activities in thsi pack pair perfectly with the book Trees, Leaves & Bark by

    Diane Burns or can be used as a stand alone unit!


    This pack includes:


    STEM Activities

    🌳Tree Classification Research

    🍂Matching Worksheet

    🌳What Comes Next Worksheet

    🍂L is for Leaves Coloring Page

    🌳Line Tracing

    🍂Autumn Leaves Coloring

    🌳Craft - DIY Leaf Press

    🍂Art - Maple Leaf Suncatchers

    🌳Craft - Salt Dough Leaf Impressions

    🍂Memory Game

    🌳Color Changing LEaves Activity

    🍂Tree Classifications

    🌳Backyard Field Study: Tree & Leaves Data Collection

    🍂Whittling Activity

    🌳Art - Birch Tree painting

    🍂Birch Bark Box Activity

    🌳Birch Bark Recipe


    Literacy Activities:

    🌳Deciduous Trees Reading

    🍂Leaves & Falling Leaves Readings & Fall Harbingers Activity

    🌳My Book Report

    🍂Writing Prompts

    🌳Write a Story

    🍂Deciduous Tree Book

    🌳Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    🍂Letter Worksheets


    *This is a digital Download. No physical item will be sent.


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