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Seeds & Planting Sample Pack
  • Seeds & Planting Sample Pack

    Get an inside look at the For the Love of Homeschool Nature Study Club with this sample pack from our Seeds & Planting Unit where you will learn all about Compost & Fertilizer!


    This pack contains readings, printables, and activities from week 2 of our Seeds & Planting Nature study Unit, including:


    • Teachers guide for Day 7:Compost and Fertilizer of our Seeds & Planting unit study.
    • The accompanying lessons from each Student Workbooks
    • A few items from our Printable Pack about compost and fertilizer, including a fun go fish game!
    • A booklist for this unit study
    • and the 20 lesson overview to see all that this unit study has to offer!


    Our Nature Study Club units include beautiful student workbooks that feature age-appropriate learning activities, STEM, and resources for family-style learning, like today’s group project– soil acidity or alkalinity testing!  Here's more on whats included in this free pack:


    Little Explorers (ages 3-5) create compost with a fun cut & paste activity and trace shapes with a fertilizer types activity! 


    Junior Explorers (ages 6-8) discover items that can and can’t be added to a compost bin with a cut and paste activity! 


    Senior Explorers (ages 9-11) go on a grocery store flyer scavenger hunt for compostable items and are offered a Compost For a Day challenge! 


    Expert Explorers (ages 12+) complete a garden chemistry minerals chart by utilizing the periodic table of elements! 


    All of this creative and engaging learning and this is only 1 day of our unit! In the rest of week 2, explorers will continue to explore with topics including; pollinators & plant pests, weather & planting, and group DIY seed paper and seed bombs!


    If you would like to explore with us, please do! Sign up for our Nature Study Club and get this unit, plus all freebies and resources, for the introductory price of just $12/month!

    In this sampler, you will learn all about fertilizer and compost in several ways including



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