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Sample Nervous System & 5 Senses Unit!
  • Sample Nervous System & 5 Senses Unit!

    Get an inside look at the For the Love of Homeschool Nature Study Club with this sample pack from our BRAND NEW Nervous System & 5 Senses Unit!


    This sample pack includes activities from day 11 of our Nervous System and 5 Senses Unit. The entire unit is 20 days of in-depth lessons that cover all 5 senses and the nervous system. We hope you enjoy this small sample of this incredible unit! 


    Included in this sample you will find:


    • Book List
    • Day 11 Lesson Plan from the Teachers Manual - Brain Lobes & the Cerebral Cortex
    • Group Activity - Lift-a-flap Brain Activity


    Student Workbooks

    • Little Explorer - My Super Brain & Brain Workout Memory Game
    • Junior Explorer - Brain Lobe Playdough
    • Senior Explorer - Brain Lobe & Facial Nerves
    • Expert Explorer - Brain Functions & Brain Teasers


    We hope you enjoy this small sample of our Nervous System & 5 Senses Unit. Here's whats covered in the full unit:


    Take a look at each day in this month’s study: 


    Day 1 - Intro to the Five Senses & Nervous System:

    We kick off our journey by acknowledging that the body is a unified entity, not a collection of separate parts. Everything within it is interconnected, and our senses serve as the gateway to our experiences.


    Day 2 - Sight & the Human Eye:

    We focus on the sense of sight, exploring the wonders of the human eye. From the mechanics of how we see to the marvel of colors and the involvement of ocular nerves, participants will gain insights into the complex processes that make vision possible.


    Day 3 - The Nose & Sense of Smell:

    Venturing into the olfactory realm, we dissect the sense of smell. Topics include nasal structure, the role of mucus and cilia, the proximity of the eustachian tube to our sinuses - your children also delve into the fascinating world of the sense of smell.


    Day 4 - Taste/Tongue:

    Turning our attention to the sense of taste, we explore the tongue's intricate design, taste buds, airway connections, and the impact of the tongue on various bodily systems. 


    Day 5 - Group STEM - Protect the Brain STEM Challenge:

    In a collaborative STEM challenge, participants will design and build a helmet for "Egghead." The challenge aims to reinforce the importance of protecting the brain and understanding how our senses and nervous system work in harmony.


    Day 6 - Hear/Ear:

    Connecting back to the nose, we delve into the sense of hearing. Participants explore the anatomy of the ear, the mechanics of sound, and how the ear self-protects. Build an ear model (all directions included) to bring your learning to life! 


    Day 7 - Touch/Skin:

    Examining the sense of touch, we explore the skin and its intricate network of interneurons. Participants will gain insights into the multifaceted nature of touch and textures in the world around us! 


    Day 8 - Central Nervous System & Spinal Cord:

    Let’s dig into the central nervous system and the spinal cord, understanding their pivotal roles in transmitting signals throughout the body. Do a fun spinal cord model build to learn even more! 


    Day 9 - Brain:

    Today, we’ll journey deep into the command center of the nervous system—the brain. 


    Day 10 - Group ART:

    Participants channel their newfound knowledge into artistic expression, creating art using two new mediums - coffee and tea! 


    Day 11 - Brain Lobes and Cerebral Cortex:

    We zoom into the brain's intricacies, focusing on its lobes and the cerebral cortex. Your children will learn how the brain’s lobes manage various cognitive functions - and build their own 2D paper model of the skull and brain lobes! 


    Day 12 - Peripheral Nervous System:

    Diving into the peripheral nervous system, your children will differentiate between the autonomic and somatic systems and learn what each system controls! 


    Day 13 - The Nerves:

    Explore the mechanics of nerves, and learn about their actual structure and how they function. Neurons take center stage today.


    Day 14 - Gameschool Day:

    A day of interactive learning through games is one of our members favorite days! Every month you get bingo, memory, and original game by @wonderhousecreative and any additional games included in your workbooks! 


    Day 15 - Group Poetry and Tea Time:

    Participants conclude the unit by coming together for a reflective session, tying their new understanding of the nervous system to poetry. Tea time fosters camaraderie as we appreciate the beauty and complexity of the senses and the nervous system.


    Day 16-20: Final Projects

    Every month, we come up with unique and creative ways for your child to explain what they have learned outside of traditional measures. 



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