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Fire Safety Learning Pack
  • Fire Safety Learning Pack

    Our comprehensive Fire Safety Unit, is designed to educate & engage children in learning about the importance of fire safety. Packed with a variety of fun and informative activities, this unit is perfect for classrooms, homeschooling, or family learning environments.


    What's Included:


    *Family Fire Safety Plan: Encourage families to create & practice their own fire safety plans with this helpful resource.

    *What is Fire Safety? Poster

    *Key Components of Fire Safety

    *Fire Safety Top 5 Poster

    *Stop, Drop, and Roll Poster: Teach children the important technique of "Stop, Drop, and Roll" in case of a fire emergency.

    *Fire Safety Fact Cards

    *Fire Safety 3-Part Cards

    *Fire Safety Matching Puzzles

    *Parts of a Fire Truck/Label a Fire Truck: Explore the different parts of a fire truck with labeling activities.

    *Parts of a Fire Fighter/Label a Fire Fighter

    *Fire Safety Worksheets

    *My Book of Fire Safety

    *Safe to Touch Clip Cards: Teach children about objects that are safe to touch in case of a fire emergency.

    *My Fire Safety Coloring Book

    *Let’s Build A Fire Safety Kit: Hands-on activity to assemble a mini fire safety kit with essential items.

    *Fire Safety Creative Thinking

    *Fire Safety Trivia Cards: Test knowledge with fun trivia questions

    *Letter to a Fire Fighter: Encourage gratitude & empathy by writing a letter to a local firefighter.

    *Paper Plate Firefighter Hat Craft: Inspire creativity and role-play with a hands-on craft activity that allows children to create their own firefighter hats using simple materials like paper plates.

    *Fire Truck Sugar Cookies: Delight young learners with a tasty and educational baking activity that involves decorating delicious sugar cookies shaped like fire trucks, combining fun with hands-on learning.


    With our Fire Safety Unit, children will not only learn important fire safety skills but also develop a deeper understanding & appreciation for the brave firefighters who keep our communities safe. Get ready to ignite a passion for fire safety education with this engaging & informative unit.


    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent!


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