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Exploring Solar Eclipses Unit
  • Exploring Solar Eclipses Unit

    Dive into the captivating world of solar eclipses with our comprehensive Exploring Solar Eclipse Unit. This engaging and educational resource is designed to spark curiosity, inspire wonder, and deepen understanding of this rare celestial event. Perfect for educators, homeschoolers, and astronomy enthusiasts, this unit offers a rich array of activities, lessons, and resources to explore the science, history, and cultural significance of solar eclipses.


    Here’s what you will find in this unit:



    *Educational Videos

    *Note Taking Sheet

    *What is a Solar Eclipse Poster

    *Sun, Earth & Moon Relationship Model Activity

    *Anatomy of a Solar Eclipse Poster

    *Why Does a Solar Eclipse Happen Poster

    *Lunar Vs. solar Eclipse Poster

    *Types of Solar Eclipse Posters

    *Flashcards for: Moon, Sun, Earth, Total Solar Eclipse, Partial Solar Eclipse, Annular Solar Clips

    *Solar Eclipse Fact Cards

    *Staying Safe Poster

    *Pinhole Projector Project

    *Cereal Box Projector Project

    *Mapping the April 8th Solar Eclipse Poster

    *Mapping Worksheet

    *Solar Eclipse Diary Entry & Journal Pages for Multiple Levels

    *Historically Notable Solar Eclipse Fact Posters

    *Read All About It Newspaper Activity

    *Solar Eclipse Crafts

    *Solar Eclipse Sensory Bin

    *Solar Eclipse Recipes

    *Solar Eclipse Matching

    *Solar Eclipse Memory Game

    *Tracing/coloring Pages


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