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Animal Homes Nature Study
  • Animal Homes Nature Study

    Our Animal Homes Nature study is a full 4 week Nature Study that will help you and your children of all ages explore the fascinating animal homes of beavers, bears, squirrels & rabbits!


    Join us, as we:

    * Learn about the unique animal homes of beavers, bears, rabbits, and squirrels

    * Discover how a lodge, den, nest/drey and burrow all provide for the needs of the animal that calls them home

    * Learn about the life cycle and anatomy of the bear, beaver, rabbit and squirrel

    * Learn how to sketch & paint a squirrel with watercolors by following along with our talented watercolor artist Bonnie Hunt

    * Play 3 printable games to review and extend your learning (includes games for all ages)

    * Bake some beavertail pastries or make some beaver lodge cookies as you read poetry 

    * Complete STEM projects related to your studies

    * Learn about silhouette art and make your own

    * Create a diorama of one of the animal homes that you learn about

    * Learn about Carl Linneaus and the naming of everything

    * Discover what makes a mammal 

    * Present a research report on one of the nests and birds that you learn about



    Our Animal Homes Unit includes:


    • A full 4-week calendar and daily detailed lesson plans so that all you have to do is print and teach! 
    • Student Workbooks for the following age ranges: 

    Little Explorer 3-5

    Junior Explorer 6-8

    Senior Explorer 9-11

    Expert Explorer 12+

    • Printable posters, flashcards/3 part cards, and a decorative bunting.
    •  Three fun games that you will play over the course of the unit to help you review what you learn including a trivia game to use at the end of the unit to see how much you have learned!
    • Several animal homes themed recipes and handicrafts.
    •  A Unit wrap-up project for each age range where your child will write or create a research report, make an animal home diorama, and present their project.


    These Nature Studies are created to be used by multiple ages at once OR you can use each workbook as your child(ren) grow(s)! 


    If you enjoy this unit be sure to check out our Nature Study Club where you can get monthly units just like this one for just $15/ month lots of other fun benefits!




    * This is a digital product. No physical copies will be sent.


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