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Wild Words Writing Pack by Wonderhouse Creative
  • Wild Words Writing Pack by Wonderhouse Creative

    Jean Craighead George is author of some of the most immersive nature survival books such as My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves. As both an author and a naturalist she has a unique way of making every book a bit like a naturalist handbook while also weaving captivating stories. 


    In this edition of “Wild Words” by @wonderhousecreative students will be introduced to George’s life and then move on to 5 lessons all related to developing nature as a character in your story. Nature is far more than just a setting and these lessons will help students focus on the techniques to bring nature alive. 


    Lessons include:

    🌲 Identifying and highlighting nature as a character in Jean’s works.

    🌲 Weaving Wild Words - continue with quotes from MSOTM and write on to develop nature as a character.

    🌲 Nature is a Vibe - Create a mood board for a certain region of nature that they’ll then use to help inspire writing nature as a character. 

    🌲 Unleashing Wild Words - A vocabulary lesson where students take a list of wild words and use them to rewrite a boring paragraph. 

    🌲 Personification - Learning to use personification to bring nature to life. 


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