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Upgrade! STEAM Mega Bundle
  • Upgrade! STEAM Mega Bundle

    Our STEAM Mega Bundle PLUS Upgrade is a BRAND NEW digital collection of digital resources that was created to help your children connect with the world around them through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics!


    The Upgrade includes everything included in the STEAM Mega Bundle PLUS! Get a full month of Nature Study Club (our BRAND NEW January unit all about the Four Seasons!! Plus, a MEGA bilingual four seasons unit!! What sets this nature study apart from any other out there is its focus on science, STEAM, and using academic skills in a fun way, all while the whole family learns together at their age level (including the parents!).


    Join us for our January Nature Study Club: Four Seasons, where your learners will find the Four Seasons presented to them in a way that is guaranteed to excite, interest, and entertain them!


    January’s 20-day nature study guides explorers through the Four Seasons of our Earth while focusing on all things STEAM! Your explorers will have fun learning, and you’ll have fun teaching (and learning alongside them)! 


    We will take an in-depth look at the Four Seasons and cover topics such as:

    • Seasonal differences amongst the hemispheres and regions of Earth 
    • Solstices of the winter and summer seasons
    • Equinoxes of the spring and autumn seasons
    • Seasonal weather importance and its impact on our water cycle
    • Seasons within seasons including; monsoon, drought, flood and growing seasons
    • Spring planting and autumn harvesting
    • Food preservation
    • Seasonal folklore & mythology
    • Group Poetry & Teatime with a seasonal theme
    • Artist study and art workshop inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons
    • Group STEM projects including; Stonehenge cookie design, 3D equinox models, a rain cloud lab, and sundial creations
    • Original game playing with this month’s “Slap Seasons”
    • A watercolor tutorial led by artist Bonnie Hunt with the theme of creating a seasonal phenology wheel
    • PLUS receive our Four Seasons Nature 911 card set, a Four Seasons Bilingual unit with over 100 vocabulary words & 10 pronunciation videos, seasonal writing prompts for all ages, and our Make Your Own Four Seasons Flashcards!
    • And even more, than is listed here!!!


    Our Four Seasons Unit plus the additional resource & bilingual unit are regularly $45, but you can get them all for just $10 when you purchase our STEAM Mega Bundle Upgrade!


    More About the Bundle!


    Our STEAM Mega Bundle includes over 70 digital learning resources, that cover a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math topics and is valued at well over $650 but it's available for a short time for just $25!


    The STEAM 𝗠𝗘𝗚𝗔 𝗕𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗹𝗲 is all about:

    🧪 Science

    🖥️ Technology





    But what STEAM really does is amazing:

    ✨ Promotes problem solving skills

    ✨ Teaches our kids to have a resilient growth mindset

    ✨ Creates opportunities for our kids to learn

    ✨ Encourages exploration of STEAM subjects

    ✨ Teaches how all these subjects connect!


    In this BRAND NEW collection, you will find over 70 STEAM-themed resources, including:

    Unit Studies on:

    • Flight & Aviation
    • Chemistry/ the Periodic Table
    • Inventors & a Guided Biography unit
    • Famous Foods Science Unit
    • The Human Body
    • Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Nature's Engineers
    • Plant Life
    • Polar Bears & Foxes
    • Rainbows
    • Reuse Kids STEAM Upcycling
    • Snow
    • States of Matter
    • Sunflowers
    • The Moon
    • Video Games
    • Secret Explorers STEAM Units on Mummies, Jurassic, Rainforest, Comets & Whales
    • Several math & activity packs for a variety of ages
    • And so much more! (Head to the link in my bio to see everything!)

    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent. Please be sure to download the 1-page pdf that comes in your email within 30 days.

    • List of Included Products in the STEAM Mega Bundle

      A Balanced Childhood

      • Pretend Play Pack: Bakery

      • Pretend Play Pack: Hot Cocoa

      • Pretend Play Pack: Lemonade Stand


      A Childhood Set Apart

      • Leonardo Da Vinci Study


      A Humble Place

      • Mary Cassatt Picture Study Aid


      Acorns & Aprons

      • To the Moon and Back Learning Bundle


      Cirque DuSewell

      • Concession Stand Math


      Crafts, Fun & Learning

      • Fox Unit Study 

      • Polar Bear Unit Study 


      Dwelling Log

      • A Lesson of Aviation


      Dyer Tyme

      • An Introduction to the Periodic Table

      • States of Matter 


      Everyday Learn & Play

      • Discover & PLAY Flight 

      • Discover + PLAY Matter


      For the Love of Homeschooling

      • 5w's and 1H: Guided Inventor Biography Unit

      • Animal Classification Sort 

      • Animal Kingdom Bingo

      • Animal Kingdom Learning Pack 

      • Animal Research Journal 

      • Human Body Early Learning Pack

      • Human Body Coloring Book

      • Human Body Bingo Game

      • Human Body Unit Study: A Symphony of Systems

      • Human Body Lift a Flap Activity

      • Lego Steam Task Cards 

      • Make Your Own Night Sky Flashcards

      • Math in Nature: Pi Inquiry & a Backyard Field Study

      • Moon Observation Journal

      • Outer Space Learning Pack

      • Rainbow Nature Study 

      • Sunflower Unit Study 

      • The Food Munchin’ & Number Crunchin’ Cafe

      • Winter STEAM Experiments


      Hudson Academy of Curiosity

      • Solar System Journal

      • Skip Counting Flashcards


      Love School at Home

      • Geometry Montessori Pack


      Making Family Count

      • Famous Food & Science Unit



      • Plant life Cycle MEGA Unit


      My Texas Homeschool

      • Chemistry Workbook: Atoms and the Periodic Table

      • Makerspace Journal ages 3-5 

      • Telling Time Clock Activities


      Nature is Neat Co.

      • Eco-Kids Re-use STEAM Upcycling ages 3-5

      • Eco-Kids re-use STEAM Upcycling ages 6-8


      Our Life in the Shire

      • Winter Nature Poems


      Our Monte Stories

      • Winter Birch Tree Painting

      • Winter Nature Drawings


      Rooted Homelife

      • Multiplication Introduction & Skip Counting


      The Art Kit

      • My Color Book - The Art Kit


      The Budget Homeschool

      • Secret Explorers: Mummies

      • Secret Explorers: Jurassic

      • Secret Explorers: Rainforest 

      • Secret Explorers: Comet 

      • Secret Explorers: Whales


      The Little Radish

      • Earth Science Flashcard Bundle 


      The Wild & Free Mom

      • Stem Activity Bundle


      Twigs & Sage

      • Nature A to Z Preschool Pack 

      • Snow Unit Study 


      Waldorf Inspired Spanish

      • FELTED SNOWMAN tutorial & Bilingual Art Study


      Wildflowers by Sarah

      • Nature's Engineers STEAM Unit Study


      Willow & Owl

      • Inventors Mini Unit Study 


      Wolfe Paw Designs

      • Comic Book Template Pack

      • The First Female Video Game Developer: Carol Shaw Mini-Unit

      • Video Games Mini-Unit


      Wonderhouse Creative

      • H20 Escape Room 


    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q - What ages is the STEAM Bundle best suited for?

      A - All Ages! With over 70 resources the STEAM Mega Bundle contains educational resources for all ages. From early learning packs and activities for young learners to units studies on chemistry, aviation and many other STEAM topics for older learners. There really is something for everyone in our bundles but children ages 3 - 12 will recieve the most benefit from our collections as many of the unit studies and curricula were created in a family learning style so that they are able to be used and enjoyed by multiple ages. 


      Q - Are the products in this bundle the same as the last FTLoH Mega Bundle? 

      A - No! This is a brand new collection of learning resources that have never been offered together before! Occasionally we will include a For the Love of Homeschooling resource that has been featured in a previous bundle if we feel it will aid in the overall cohesivness of the bundle but this is always just an extra add on that we include as a benefit for customers! 


      Q - Can I still purchase past Mega Bundles?

      A - Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the collaborative nature of these collections, we are only able to offer them for a short time. This collection is only available until January 18th 2023.


      Q - How long do I have to download the bundle after I purchase?

      A - The link you received in your email is valid for 30 days. We encourage you to download the 1-page pdf in that email within the 30 days. From there you have up to one year to download your bundle or you can simply access the material through the shared Google drive at any time. If within one year of purchase you lose your files or are unable to download the pdf within the 30 days you can just send me an email at support@fortheloveofhomeschooling with your proof of purchase and I will resend you the files to download.


      Q - What is the best way to print the bundle?

      A - Once you download the bundle to your computer, it is yours to print at your leisure for years to come. Most customers choose to print items as needed! You can also opt to have your bundle printed at a local printing shop.


      Q - Is this a religious product?

      A - Our contributors come from all different walks of life and backgrounds and while this is not a religious resource, sometimes a handful of products do contain religious references. These products are marked on the Products by Folder guide that comes with the bundle.


    $730.00 Regular Price
    $35.00Sale Price

    100% discount! Yearly or Lifetime members can apply their membership code here to enjoy the complete discount.

    If you're looking to enjoy a 100% discount on all our products, purchase your membership here:

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