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Upgrade! Homesteading Mega Bundle!
  • Upgrade! Homesteading Mega Bundle!

    The Homesteading Mega Bundle PLUS our Seeds & Planting Nature Study!


    Our Seeds & Planting Nature Study Unit is one of our 4-week nature studies that homeschoolers from all around the world have grown to love! In this study, explorers will become botanists, agriculturists, soil scientists, gardeners, greenhouse engineers, and homesteaders as they learn all about seeds, planting, and starting their own gardens! 


    Like all of our Nature study Units, our Seeds and Planting unit includes a full 4-week teacher's manual, printable poster and games pack, and student notebooks for four age levels (2-5, 6-8, 9-11 & 12-16)! PLUS we have included a very special bonus pack of resources including a Spanish seeds & planting unit by My Texas Homeschool! All of the resources included in the upgrade sell for $49+ but from May 8th - 17th you can get them for just $10!


    Explorers take an in-depth look at the incredible world under and over the soil with daily topics and activities, including:

    • Planting and gardening fundamentals

    • Discovering growing zones and how these impact our seed selections

    • Researching how to keep our seeds happy as they grow through their interesting life cycle!

    • Learning about the Kingdom Plantae and plant characteristic sorting

    • Investigating the composition and needs of soil

    • Discovering the benefits of fertilizers and composting! 

    • Studying the impact of things like weather, pests, and pollinators on our green friends! 

    • Diving into the history of gardening, reaching back to the fiefdoms and castles, and then traveling to modern gardens ranging from roof-top urban gardens and kitchen counter gardens to raised beds and miles of crops! 

    • Learning all about garden planning and creating their own planting information files which results in a fully planned garden! 

    • Completing fun STEAM group activities like Engineer a Greenhouse, DIY Seed Bombs, Upcycled Garden Markers, Growing from Cuttings, and more! 

    • Creating tulip art with another artist-led tutorial with Bonnie Hunt!

    • Investigating plant folklore and mythology by acting as a veggie myth buster and reading fun stories about talking to bees, the sisterly bond of 3 famous veggies, and an African yam myth!

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    • List of Included Products

      • Acorns & Aprons

        • Backyard Chicken coop building guide

      • Books & Willows 

        • Harvest Years Early Learning Pack

        • Ladybug Looking Glass Nature Study

      • Crafts, Fun, and Learning

        • Cow Unit Study

        • Horse Unit Study

        • Bakery Pretend Kit

      • DyerTyme

        • When I was Young in the Mountains Book Companion Study

        • Garden Alphabet Cards

        • Herb cards

      • For the Love of Homeschooling

        • B is for Bee Learning Pack

        • A_E is for Maple Learning Pack

        • Oi is for Soil Learning Pack 

        • Ch is for Chicken Early Learning pack

        • Maple Trees & Maple Syrup

        • 5 P’s of pollination

        • 5 day Apple Unit Study 

        • Jersey Cow Unit Study 

        • Goat Learning Pack & Landscape Learning Pack

        • Horse Learning Pack & Landscape Learning Pack

        • Pigs Learning Pack

        • Nature 911 Insects

        • Homesteading Food & Garden

      • Gabitat Emporium

        • Hen Anatomy

        • Herb Folklore and Almanac

        • Ladybird Anatomy

      • Happy Hedgehog Post

        • Gifts from the Garden 

      • Hearth Magic

        • Chicken Learning Set

        • Little House in the Big Woods

      • Heartspark Homeschool 

        • Canning Unit study

      • Hudson Academy 

        • Build a Burger Activity Pack

        • Pasta Scavenger hunt

        • Pasta Shape I.D.

        • Let’s Make a pizza busy book

      • Kira Garett Creations

        • Spring Garden Activity Pack

      • Let’s Stay Homeschool

        • Bee Mini Unit

        • Gardening Early Learning Pack

      • Lily & Thistle

                  Pollinators & Pests

      • Little Leader April Maura

        • Elderberry Studies

      • Little Radish Education

        • Farm Animal Activities Pack

      • Little Spark Co.

        • Guide to Healthy Chickens

      • Little Homeschool on the Prairies 

        • Dandelions: a holistic study

      • Love School at Home

        • Explore the World of Flowers

      • Making Family Count

        • Backyard Chicken Keeping

      • Mind Sprout PH

        • Earthworm Unit Studies

        • Snail Unit Study

      • Montessori for Moms

        • Dairy Cow Unit Study

      • Montessori in Daily Life 

        • Forest Alphabet Tracing

        • Forest Animals Coloring

        • Forest Early learning pack

      • My Mega Bundles

        • First Book of Plants Ebook

        • 7 Edible Plants (Wildflowers)

      • My Texas Homeschool

        • En la cocina Spanish bilingual Study

        • Zoologia: Insectos Spanish Bilingual Study

      • The Organized Homeschool mom

        • Garden Unit

      • Pepper & Pine Montessori

        • Honey Bee Study

      • Raising Faithful Littles

        • Hand sew unit study

        • Sewing Learning Pack

      • Rooted Homelife

                  Herbs & Foraging Introductory Guide for Children

      • So Simple a Beginning

        • The Science of Food: Spoilage and Preservation

      • The Art Kit

        • A day on the homestead 

      • Toadstool Montessori

        • Homestead Word Puzzles

        • Parts of a Plant

        • Wild Edible Plants

        • Water Cycle

      • Waldorf Inspired Spanish

        • Los pollitos Dicen y Ciclo de Vida (Bilingual)

      • Wildflowers by Sarah

        • Planting a Garden

      • Willow & Owl 

        • Little Farm Unit Study 

      • Willow’s Ridge

        • Into Nature: Herbs, foraging, and more! 

      • Wonderhouse Creative

        • City Homesteading

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q - What ages is the Homesteading Bundle best suited for?

      A - All Ages! With over 70 resources the Homesteading Mega Bundle contains educational resources for all ages. From early learning packs and activities for young learners to units studies, guides and tutorials on a variety of Homesteading topics for older learners. There really is something for everyone in our bundles but children ages 3 - 13 will receive the most benefit from our collections as many of the unit studies and curricula were created in a family learning style so that they are able to be used and enjoyed by multiple ages. 

      Q - Are the products in this bundle the same as the last FTLoH Mega Bundle? 

      A - No! This is a brand new collection of learning resources that have never been offered together before! Occasionally we will include a For the Love of Homeschooling resource that has been featured in a previous bundle if we feel it will aid in the overall cohesiveness of the bundle but this is always just an extra add on that we include as a benefit for customers! 

      Q - Can I still purchase past Mega Bundles?

      A - Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the collaborative nature of these collections, we are only able to offer them for a short time. This collection is only available until May 17th 2023.

      Q - How long do I have to download the bundle after I purchase?

      A - The link you received in your email is valid for 30 days. We encourage you to download the 1-page pdf in that email within the 30 days. From there you have up to one year to download your bundle or you can simply access the material through the shared Google drive at any time. If within one year of purchase you lose your files or are unable to download the pdf within the 30 days you can just send me an email at support@fortheloveofhomeschooling with your proof of purchase and I will resend you the files to download.

      Q - What is the best way to print the bundle?

      A - Once you download the bundle to your computer, it is yours to print at your leisure for years to come. Most customers choose to print items as needed! You can also opt to have your bundle printed at a local printing shop.

      Q - Is this a religious product?

      A - Our contributors come from all different walks of life and backgrounds and while this is not a religious resource, sometimes a handful of products do contain religious references. These products are marked on the Products by Folder guide that comes with the bundle.

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