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Upgrade! Back-to-School Mega Bundle
  • Upgrade! Back-to-School Mega Bundle

    Back-to-School Upgrade! Get all 100 resources included in the Back-to-School Mega Bundle PLUS the 1000 Hours Outside Official Handbook!!


    The exclusive upgrade to the Back to School MEGA Bundle is the 1000 Hours Outside 2023–2024 School Handbook—your practical guide for intentionally including nature experiences throughout your school year. 


    There are five main components,

    to include; tracking your time outside, seasonal nature activities, child-led hikes, recording movement milestones, nature journaling, book lists, and more—that span 175 pages to create a completely customizable resource! 


    You could create one big handbook for everyone to share or individual notebooks for each child. With the pages for both monthly and weekly tracking and journaling, you may even choose to create monthly notebooks for each child. There are pages that can be used as posters or decor, checklists, and more. Don’t miss this exclusive upgrade to the Back to School MEGA Bundle!


    This  is a digital product . No physical item will be sent!

    • List of Included Products

      A Handful of Blessings

      • Poetry & Copywork Collection


      Acorn to Oak

      • Barn Owl Study Parts 1 & 2


      Acorns and Aprons

      • Cottonwood Tree Star 

      • Sierpinski Triangle Nature Craft

      • Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle 


      Books & Willows

      • Curious Trails Nature Study: Animal Builders


      Bush School Kreatives

      • Elements of Colour Art Study 


      Dwelling Logs

      • A Shakespearian Family lesson


      Dyer Tyme

      • Bee Ready to Write Poetry Guide

      • Student Creative Writing Journal

      • What Are Sea Cows: Manatee Vs. Dugong Study


      For the Love of Homeschooling

      • All About Me Pack

      • Atmospheres of the Earth Felt Pack

      • AP word family

      • Bee Anatomy Felt Unit

      • Bird Anatomy Felt Unit

      • Butterfly Anatomy Felt Unit

      • Butterfly Pretend Stem Kit

      • Continent Posters & Flashcards Set

      • Dino Skip Counting Puzzle Set

      • Dragonfly Anatomy Felt unit

      • Earth Layers Anatomy Felt Unit

      • Four Seasons Literacy Pack

      • Fruit Anatomy Felt unit

      • Grade 1 Dolch Sight Word Pack 

      • Grade 2 Dolch Sight Word Pack 

      • Grade 3 Dolch Sight Word Pack 

      • Hammerhead Dissection 

      • Homesteading Food & Garden Mini unit

      • How to Draw - Nature Themed How to Draw Tutorial Book*

      • Kinder Dolch Sight words

      • Lions Vs. Tigers : A Comparative Nature Study *

      • Math in the Kitchen

      • Morning Time Notebook

      • Multiplication Pack *

      • Mushroom Anatomy Felt Unit

      • Nature Around Me Literacy Pack

      • Nature Classroom & Decor Pack

      • Pre-K Dolch Sight words

      • Seed Anatomy Felt unit

      • Soil Layers Felt unit

      • Telling Time Learning pack

      • Tree Anatomy Felt Unit

      • Turtle Skip Counting


      Gabitat Emporium

      • Biomimicry Unit Study 


      Happy Hedgehog Post

      • Celebrate Autumn Poetry Tea Time Guide


      Heart Spark Homeschool

      • Learn Your 50 States: Northwest Region Unit Study

      • Learn Your 50 States: Southwest Region Unit Study


      Hudson Academy of Curiosity 

      • Construction Vehicles Learning Pack Cards

      • Construction Vehicles Learning Pack Matching/Sorting

      • Construction Vehicles Cutting and Tracing Strips

      • Construction Vehicles Pen Control

      • Construction Vehicles Playdough Cards


      Joy in Play Life

      • Dinosaur Unit Study

      • Ocean Unit Study


      Little Homeschool on the Prairies 

      • Student Journal & Planner


      Little Leaders Academy 

      • Exploring the healing wonders of Nature: Becoming a Doctor, for kids


      Little Radish Education

      • Learning Mats - Math, Art, ELA

      • Poster Pack - all subjects


      Little Spark Company

      • Montessori Blue Series Consonant Blends Spelling 

      • Consonant blends puzzle set


      Living Montessori Now

      • Dinosaur I have Who Has Game

      • Editable Animal Name Tracer


      Love School at Home

      • Montessori Clock learning 


      Making Family Count

      • Claude Monet Mini- Unit & Art Study 


      Mind SproutPH

      • Blue lined writing sheets & strips

      • Montessori Cultural Activities Record Sheets

      • Pink Lined writing sheets & strips


      Montessori for Moms

      • Geometric Animal Playdough Pack

      • Patterns in Nature Montessori Card Set

      • Animal Research Project


      Montessori Tube Academy 

      • Birds unit Study

      • Handwriting Practice Pack

      • Shadows & Light Unit Study 


      Montessori Kiwi

      • Beginner animal research templates

      • Asia Pin Map


      My Full Heart Shop

      • Busy Binder

      • Morning Binder & Morning Board


      My Texas Homeschool

      • Podcast Personal Narrative


      Organized Homeschool Mom

      • Famous Inventors Journal And Coloring Book

      • The 50 states fact book


      Pepper and Pine

      • Alma Woodsey Thomas Study

      • Jean Michel Basquiat Study

      • Edvard Munch Artist Study

      • Jackson Pollock Artist Study


      Raising Faithful Littles

      • First & Last Day of School Flags

      • Spanish Montessori Inspired Back to School Learning Pack

      • Spanish Vocabulary Word  Mini-Posters 


      Rooted Homelife




      • Monster Trucks Cutting Strips

      • Transportation ABC Busy Book

      • Transportation ABC flashcards

      • Transportation ABC Poster

      • Transportation ABC Matching Cards

      • Transportation Clip Art

      • Transportation Cutting Strips

      • Transportation Dominoes


      The Art KIt

      • Lined Writing Pages 


      The Budget Homemaker

      • Homeschool Planner & Organizer 2023-2024

      • Impressionism: Art Unit Study 


      Toadstool Montessori

      • Back to School Calendar Printables

      • Back to School Activity Pack


      Waldorf Inspired Spanish

      • Serena y la Ballena activities and circle time 


      Wild Earth Lab

      • Mushroom Study Activity Pack


      Wildflowers by Sarah

      • Homeschool Yearly Planner



      • Play Based Invitations 


      Wonderhouse Creative

      • Vitamin N Guided Writing Project (Persuasive Essay)


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