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Ultimate Homeschool Mega Bundle
  • Ultimate Homeschool Mega Bundle


     Our biggest bundle yet!! The Ultimate Homeschool Mega Bundle includes well over $900 of fabulous resources for children aged 2-13+. This BRAND NEW digital collection includes over 110 resources and covers the following 10 Subjects: 


    Art - Art and creativity are essential for a well-rounded education, and this bundle provides a range of activities that encourage self-expression and artistic exploration. From learning about color theory to famous artists and their techniques to engaging in hands-on crafts, your child will develop their artistic skills and appreciation for creativity.


    History & Geography - The geography and history materials will take your child on a journey around the world, exploring different cultures, historical figures, and international cuisine. They'll learn about ancient civilizations and important historical figures and be able to create recipes form around the world. These resources will help broaden their worldview and develop a sense of global citizenship.


    Language Arts - Language arts resources in this bundle will enhance your child's reading, writing, and comprehension skills! From units for early learners that cover rhyming, syllables, homophones, and so much more to book-themed units for children of all ages where your children will delve into captivating stories and historical events, improving their literacy while immersing themselves in different time periods and cultures.


    Math - In the math section, your child will have access to a variety of worksheets and activities that cover skip counting, place value, fact families, and more. As well as learning practical math skills in units like math in the grocery story. Our math resources will help strengthen math skills in fun and creative ways.


    Nature Study - Our nature study section is packed full of opportunities to explore the world of nature. With beautiful units on a variety of animal life to incredible specimen slids this section of the bundle is sure to inspire the budding naturalist in all.


    Planning & Decor - Set schedules with ease and manage your home efficiently with the resources in our Planning and Decor section. Use the gorgeous chore and routine cards to establish a routine for your child and use the planners to guide your year. 


    Science - The science resources in this bundle will ignite your child's curiosity and foster a love for the natural world. From breaking down physics and the laws of motion in fun and digestible ways to learning about food preservation with engaging experiments, your child will gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and develop a scientific mindset.


    Social Studies - Social skills are explored in this bundle in a variety of ways, from learning about feelings and emotions to recognizing helpers in the community and making career evaluations. Our Social Studies section will also help keep your child safe and the earth clean through units that cover fire safety and recycling.


    Spanish & Bilingual Studies - With plenty of Spanish and bilingual resources, our bundle will have your child learning Spanish with fun and engaging topics and stories. From nature-themed topics to fun dramatic play, the resources in this bundle will introduce and strengthen Spanish speaking in your child.


    This is just a brief look at all that is included in this incredible bundle! 



    * This is a digital Product. No physical item will be sent

    • List of Products Included

      Acorns & Aprons

      • Bee Nature Study 

      • Phenology Wheel: Nature Study 

      Acorn to Oak 

      • Acorn & Oak Tree Life Cycle

      • Might Acorn Poster

      • My Little Tree Book

      • Tree Cards - Large

      • Tree Cards

      A Sense of Home

      • Spring Smash Pack: learning off the page


      • DIY Nature Specimen Slides

      • Charlotte Mason “Living” Naturalist Decor Pack

      • Charlotte Mason Mini Apple Unit Study Mix Age

      • Reggio-inspired Kids Rhythm and Chore Flashcards

      • A Winter Provocation Pack - Reggio-inspired

      Books & Willows

      • Ancient Egypt ABC Coloring pack

      • Ancient Egypt ABC Cards

      • Ancient Egypt Mythology Memory Match 

      Dwelling Logs

      • Robin Hood Novel Reflection

      • Robin Hood Reflection Student Pages - cursive

      • Robin Hood Reflection Pages - manuscript


      • Across Five Aprils novel study 

      Folksy Tots

      • Waldorf Inspired Days of the Week Early Learning Pack

      • Weekly Circular Rhythm Chart - Dark Background

      • Weekly Circular Rhythm Chart - Light Background

      • Weekly Circular Rhythm Chart - Medium Background

      • Weekly Circular Rhythm Chart - Wheel

      For The Love of Homeschooling 

      • 65  Recipes From Around the World Cookbook

      • Make Your Own Flashcards Mini Bundle (includes 20 nature themed sets of flashcards)

      • All My Favorites! Memory Book

      • ATE Word Family Pack

      • Colorful and Crystalline

      • Colors of Creation sorting mats

      • Community Helpers

      • Continent Trek

      • Fact Families Unit

      • Feelings & Emotions Unit

      • Fire Safety Learning Pack

      • Flower Skip Counting Puzzle Pack 

      • George Washington Carver Biography Unit 

      • Homophones Learning pack

      • Ireland & St. Patrick's Day Skip Counting Puzzle Pack

      • Louise Nevelson Found Art Project 

      • Mammals Around the World Pack

      • Marie Curie Biography unit 

      • Math in the grocery store pack

      • My Morning Notebook 2024

      • Over the Forest Book Companion Pack

      • Place Value Learning Pack

      • Punctuation Learning pack

      • Recycling Learning pack

      • Rhyming Words Learning pack

      • Simple Nature Paper Crafts

      • Spanish Duck Life Cycle

      • Spring Make-Your-Own Flashcards

      • Story & Poetry Writing Prompts

      • Syllable Learning pack

      • The OW word family learning pack

      • The UB Family Pack 

      • Then vs Now: Communication

      Gabitat Emporium

      • A Year of Nature Play - April

      Happy Hedgehog post 

      •  Winter Poetry Tea Time ebook

      Heartspark Homeschool

      • HeartSparkHomeschool Reptiles Unit 

      Hollow & Hoot

      •  A Bird Study: Pigeon Dissection 

      • Newton's Laws 

      Hudson Academy of Curiosity

      • 2024 Traceable Calendar Birth Month Flower

      • Alphabets on the Go - Drive and Learn

      • Alphabets on the Go - Flashcards

      Little Homeschool on the Prairie

      • Canadian Geography Unit Study

      • Discover Canada Game

      Love School at Home

      • Explore nouns with children

      Montessori Farmer

      • Reading Blends - Montessori Blue shelf Work

      • Subitizing & counting Worksheet pack

      Montessori in Daily life

      • Winter Dance Book Unit Study

      My Mega Bundles

      • Sheep Unit Study

      My Texas Homeschool

      • Solar System Bilingual Unit (Spanish/English) 

      • Pond Bilingual Unit (Spanish/English) 

      • Aquatic Biology Unit Study (Spanish/English)

      • Geology Bilingual Unit (Spanish/English) 

      • The Weather Bilingual Unit (Spanish/English) 

      • Taqueria Playset Pack (Spanish/English) 

      • Geography & History Notebook: South America; Middle School Ages 10+

      • Geography & History Notebook: South America; Elementary School, Ages 5-8

      Nature for Children 

      • Monarch Butterflies Unit Study

      Organized Homeschool Mom

      • Wonderful Whales & Orcas Unit Study 

      • Trapped in Ice Novel Companion Unit Study 

      Pepper & Pine Montessori

      • Earth Fractions

      • Homeschool Planner

      • Initial Sound Cards

      • Moon Phases Nomenclature Cards

      • Food Preservation Science Unit Study 

      • Seed Observation Log

      Plan, Prep, Pray

      • Homeschool Harmony: Weekly Essentials Pack for Moms

      Rooted Homelife

      • Slow Down Book Companion Notebooking Guide: Winter and Night Sky Edition

      Raising Faithful Littles

      • Multiplication Bookmarks by Raising Faithful Littles

      • Farmers Market Dramatic Play Bilingual Set

      Tacuco Spring Activity Packs

      • Spring ABC Puzzles

      • Spring Bingo

      • Spring Image Connect 

      • Spring Find & Circle

      • Spring Flashcards 

      • Spring Greater Than less than

      • Spring I spy

      • Spring Left Right Practice

      • Spring memory Game

      • Spring Number Clip cards

      The Art Kit

      • Colorful Creatures Skip Counting Puzzle Pack

      The Budget Homemaker

      • Secret Explorers STEAM unit: Pirates 

      Waldorf Essentials

      • Peaceful Bedtime and a Simple Waldorf : Foundations of a Waldorf Home

      Waldorf Inspired Spanish 

      • The Good Friend/Los Buenos Amigos Audio

      • The Good Friends English only PDF

      • The Good Friends fun activity Spanish pdf

      • The Good Friends Bilingual PDF

      Wildflowers by Sarah

      • Color Theory - Art Unit Study

      Willow & Owl 

      • Ireland Explorers 


      • Ancient Civilizations Unit Study

      Wonderhouse Creative

      • Waypoints: Saskatchewan & Manitoba

    • FAQ

      Q - What ages is the Ultimate Homeschool Mega Bundle best suited for?

      A - All Ages! With over 110 resources, the Ultimate Homeschool Mega Bundle contains educational resources for all ages. Covering math, language arts, science, nature study, social studies, geography, history, and more, there really is something for everyone in our bundles, and many of the unit studies and curricula were created in a family learning style so that they are able to be used and enjoyed by multiple ages. 

      Q - Are the products in this bundle the same as the last FTLoH Mega Bundle? 

      A - No! This is a brand new collection of learning resources that have never been offered together before! Occasionally, we will include a For the Love of Homeschooling resource that has been featured in a previous bundle if we feel it will aid in the overall cohesiveness of the bundle, but this is always just an extra add-on that we include as a benefit for customers! 

      Q - Can I still purchase past Mega Bundles?

      A - Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the collaborative nature of these collections, we are only able to offer them for a short time. This collection is only available until February 22nd 2024.

      Q - How long do I have to download the bundle after I purchase?

      A - The link you received in your email is valid for 30 days. We encourage you to download the 1-page pdf in that email within the 30 days. From there you have up to one year to download your bundle or you can simply access the material through the shared Google drive at any time. If within one year of purchase you lose your files or are unable to download the pdf within the 30 days you can just send me an email at support@fortheloveofhomeschooling with your proof of purchase and I will resend you the files to download.

      Q - What is the best way to print the bundle?

      A - Once you download the bundle to your computer, it is yours to print at your leisure for years to come. Most customers choose to print items as needed! You can also opt to have your bundle printed at a local printing shop.

      Q - Is this a religious product?

      A - Our contributors come from all different walks of life and backgrounds and while this is not a religious resource, sometimes a handful of products do contain religious references. These products are marked on the Products by Folder guide that comes with the bundle. Our bundles do not include topics such as magic, evolution etc...

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