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Survival Forest Schooling Mega Bundle
  • Survival Forest Schooling Mega Bundle

    Just in time for summer! Our Survival & Forest Schooling Mega Bundle is HERE & packed with incredible resources to make this a summer of fun and learning in the great outdoors! This BRAND NEW collection includes 70 high quality resources & is regularly $700 but get it now for just $25!! Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a forest schooling family, or just looking to be prepared, this bundle has everything you need to explore & thrive!


     Included in this collection you will discover:

    🔥 Wilderness Survival: Dive into the art of survival with expert guides on building shelters, starting fires, finding food and water, navigation techniques, & essential survival tips to thrive in the great outdoors.

    ⛑️ First Aid: Learn life-saving first aid skills tailored for wilderness emergencies, including injury management, CPR techniques, dealing with bites & stings, & handling medical emergencies in remote settings.

    🌿 Foraging and Wild Edibles: Discover the wonders of nature's pantry with resources on identifying, harvesting, & safely consuming wild edibles, mushrooms, plants, & herbs found in the forest.

    🦉 Forest Wildlife: Explore the fascinating world of forest inhabitants, from birds & mammals to insects and reptiles, through in-depth guides and educational materials on wildlife identification & behavior.

    🎲 Forest & Survival Inspired Games & Play: Engage in fun & educational forest & survival-themed games & activities. From original games like Whiteout and Borealology to a survival themed Escape room to memory & bingo, there are exciting games for all ages!

    🌴Tropical Survival: Learn about tropical survival through a fun book study & an exciting Tropical Island Escape Room!

    🌳 Immerse yourself in the beauty & serenity of the forest while honing your survival instincts, deepening your connection with nature, & fostering a sense of wonder & respect for the wilderness. Whether you are planning a forest school curriculum, a family camping trip, or a solo adventure in the woods, this Survival & Forest Schooling Mega Bundle is your ultimate companion for an enriching & unforgettable outdoor experience.


    This incredible collection is only available until May 24th!


    That’s over $700 worth of resources for just $25!!


    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent

    • List of Included Products


      Acorns & Aprons

      • 3 Poisonous Plants

      • 48 Nature Crafts

      • Spore Prints

      • Wild Morel Mushroom Bundle


      A Handful of Blessings

      • Homemade Herbal Remedies for Health & Home


      A Sense of Home

      • ABC Camping Interactive Notebook 

      • Weather Smash Pack


      Barefoot Child 

      • Bushcraft 101 Guide (+free nature journal)

      • My Wild Coloring Book

      • What I Might Find Out in the Wild- vocabulary flashcards- forest school

      • Forest School NATURE HUNT FLASHCARDS


      Crafts Fun & Learning 

      • Wilderness Writing Book

      • Wilderness Story Cards


      Dwelling Logs

      • A Family Lesson on Wilderness First Aid



      • Let’s Explore: Cave Nature Journal

      • Let’s Explore: Desert & Scrubland Journal

      • Let’s Explore: Mountain Nature Journal


      Folksy Tots

      • Bug Early Learning Bundle

      • DIY Nature Journal

      • Nature Inspired Affirmation Cards

      • Wild Explore Badge Challenge



      • Aspen Leaf Miner Unit

      • Bear Safety Unit

      • Borealology Game

      • Caribou Dissection Unit

      • Coyotes of North America Unit Study

      • DIY Multitool

      • Douglas Mawson Biography Unit

      • Emergency Preparedness Writing pack & Story prompts

      • Ernest Shackleton Biography Unit

      • First Aid Early Learning Pack

      • First Aid 911 Card Pack

      • Forest Shadow Puppet Theater

      • Lynx Unit Study

      • Natural Disasters: Water

      • Natural Disasters: Fire & Heat

      • Natural Disasters: Winter 

      • Reading Maps & Topography

      • Spring & Summer Poetry 

      • Summer Writing Prompts

      • Survival Skills: Finding Water

      • Survival Skills: Shelter Building

      • Survival Skills: Start a Fire

      • What’s That Sound Game?

      • Whiteout Game

      • Whittling Mini Unit

      • Winter Game Pack


      Gabitat Emporium

      • Forage Wheel of the Year 


      Happy Hedgehog Post

      • Mindful Resilience: A Guide to Strengthening Your Mental Well-Being

      • Radiant Resilience: Affirmation Cards for Inner Glow


      HeartSpark Homeschool

      • Island of the Blue Dolphin Unit Study

      • Knot Tying Unit


      Little Homeschool on the Prairie 

      • Wild Plant Identification Pack


      Love School At Home

      • Explore Medicinal Plants


      Mind Sprout

      • Animal Tracks Unit


      Montessori in Daily Life

      • Marvelous Minibeasts Unit Study


      My Mega Bundles

      • 7 World Summits Study


      My Texas Homeschool

      • Hatchet Novel Guide: Rhetorical Analysis

      • Bilingual Bird Nature Study

      • Nature Study Lap Book


      Organized Homeschool Mom

      • Woodland Unit Study


      Rooted Homelife

      • Herbs, Foraging & Herbal Remedies

      • Slow Down Notebooking Guide


      Pepper & Pine Montessori

      • Snakes Unit


      The Art Kit

      • Owl Bingo


      The Wild and Free Mom

      • Butterfly Unit Study 


      Wild Feather Edu

      • ESCAPE! Tropical Island


      Wildflowers by Sarah

      • Dandelions Unit


      Willow & Owl

      • Forest Explorers Unit


      Wonderhouse Creative

      • Survival Escape Room 

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