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Sunflower Mini Bundle
  • Sunflower Mini Bundle

    This special pack includes 3 great resources for 1 low price!  Our Sunflower Nature Study (ages 3-13), S is for Sunflower Ealy Learning Pack (ages 2-8), and our Sunflower Skip Counting Puzzle Set (ages 2 - 10) (reg $20 for all 3 but get them in this mini bundle for $16)


    Here’s a full description of each unit:


    Sunflower Nature Study

    Learn all about sunflowers with this fun nature study unit. Included in this unit you will find:


    Sunflower Fact Sheets - Learn all about sunflowers with these two fact sheets that cover sunflower characteristics, anatomy, history, healing properties, and more.


    Sunflower Lifecycle & Anatomy Activities - Includes posters for sunflower lifecycle, sunflower and sprout anatomy plus, flashcards, 3 part cards, and a life cycle wheel.


    All Kinds of Sunflowers - Includes flashcards and 3 part cards for 10 different types of sunflowers.


    Sunflower Observation Journal - Use this journal to record your observations as you plant and grow your own sunflower. Each page includes a section for drawing your sunflower and recording what you see as well as documenting any changes observed from the previous entry. Also includes stages of a sunflower poster & tracker sheet.


    Definition Cards - Use the definition cards to learn about the following keywords related to sunflowers: heliotropism, pollinate, medicinal, domesticated.


    Notetaking Sheets - Note-taking templates for your children to take notes as they learn through the included reading, books, or videos.


    Poetry & Copy Work - Includes poetry and copy work printables for the poem 'Sun Flowers' by Hilda Conkling


    Vintage Sunflower Posters - Includes seven vintage pine and evergreen posters for your classroom display and further learning.


    Art & Crafts - Includes a simple sunflower anatomy craft and art project where your child will create their own Vincent Van Gogh inspired sunflower masterpiece


    Recipes - Use the recipe cards include to make sunflower seed butter, trail mix, and yummy sunflower cupcakes.


    PLUS Extension activities that include books, videos, coloring pages, a sunflower banner, and more to extend your learning


    S is for Sunflower Early Learning Pack

    Our newest early learning pack is here! Our Sunflower pack features 80 pages of early learning and play activities for your children, including:


    Literacy Activities:

    • S is for Sunflower 3 Part Cards
    • A - Z Flashcards
    • Word Tracing Worksheets
    • Upper & Lower Case Matching Cards
    • Letter 'S' Recognition Worksheets
    • S-u-n-f-l-o-w-e-r-s Garland


    Math Activities

    • Counting Worksheets
    • Number Recognition Worksheets
    • Number Tracing
    • Count & Clip Cards 1 - 12
    • Matching Worksheets
    • Patterning Worksheet
    • Graphing Worksheets
    • Simple Addition Problems
    • Number 0 - 12 Flashcards
    • Shape Flashcards
    • Addition & subtraction sunflower game
    • Color Matching activity and worksheet


    Play Activities:

    • Sunflower Crafts & Recipes
    • Yellow Scavenger Hunt
    • Letter S Scavenger Hunt


    Sunflower Skip Counting Puzzle Set

    These beautiful skip-counting puzzles are a fun and hands-on way to help your child learn to skip count. Includes 12 puzzles


    Get all 3 products listed above for $16!


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