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Rivers & Streams Nature Study Sample Pack
  • Rivers & Streams Nature Study Sample Pack

    Get an inside look at the For the Love of Homeschool Nature Study Club with this sample pack from our BRAND NEW Rivers & Streams Unit! 


    This pack contains readings, printables, and activities from week 1 Day 6 of our Rivers & Streams Unit, including:


    • Rivers & Streams Book List
    • Fluvial Landforms Poster & Flashcards
    • Day 6 Lesson Plan from the Teachers Manual
    • Group Stem Activity - Garden Hose Plunge Pool
    • Little Explorers Day 6 Activity - My Water Features on Earth Book
    • Junior Explorers Day 6 Activities - Fluvial Landforms & River Rapids
    • Senior Explorer Day 6 Activity - Name That Landform
    • Expert Explorer Day 6 - Waterfall Formation


    This sample pack feature age appropriate learning activities, STEM, and resources for family style learning! 


    Here's whats included in the full Rivers & Streams Unit:


    The September Nature Study Club: Rivers & Streams unit, will inspire and encourage the exploration of nature and all of its magnificently beautiful wonders through discovery of the rivers and streams around us! In this study, explorers will enjoy daily units and activities, including:


    • Rivers vs. Streams: Dive into the waters to see what makes rivers and streams similar or different, and then complete an interactive STEM project to create paper mountains and observe the flow of water! 

    • The water cycle: Discover the role that rivers & streams play in the water cycle, and then practice your scientific skills with a water cycle match game! 

    • River anatomy: Did you know a river has a mouth?! Anatomy is the topic of the day and river vocab terms are explored with this fun lesson and group activity featuring an original game of river terms Teledraw! 

    • Erosion & deposition: Explore the powerful forces behind the erosion and deposition of our rivers, and allow these terms to sink in with a fun STEM activity of Float or Sink! 

    • Rivers & landforms: Waterfalls and floodplains and slobs?... oh my! Discover the landforms featured near these bodies of water, and then create your very own landform by making a backyard, garden hose, plunge pool! 

    • Rivers & streams of Canada: Explore the beautiful rivers of Canada and map these waterways! 

    • River ecosystems: Discover the freshwater ecosystems and the habitats that call these areas home and create ecological organization hanging art! 

    • Otters: Learn the anatomy of the otter featuring the special adaptations that make them skilled river-dwellers! 

    • Salmon: Journey through the salmon life cycle and complete an engaging paper salmon dissection in this fun STEM activity! 

    • Grizzly bears: Learn all about the life of the North American grizzly bear and finish off the topic with a fun bear print measuring activity! 

    • Beavers: Explore this freshwater keystone species! 

    • Play Clear the River: an original game of speed! 

    • Analyze the flow of rivers with an interesting STEM activity; foil river flow inquiry! 

    • Create beautiful foil river embossing art! 

    • Enjoy a river sunset watercolor art tutorial with watercolor artist Bonnie Hunt! 

    • And even more!   


    You can purchase the unit from our shop HERE for $25 or sign up to our Nature Study Club today to get our Rivers & Stream Unit, plus all freebies and resources for the introductory price of just $15/month!


    Nature Study Club


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