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Geology Nature Study Sample Pack
  • Geology Nature Study Sample Pack

    Get an inside look at the For the Love of Homeschool Nature Study Club with this sample pack from our BRAND NEW Geology Unit and make your own GEODES! This month our sample features a Nature Study Club staple - every Day 5 of Nature Study Club is a Group STEM activity! 


    This pack contains readings, printables, and activities from week 1 of our Geology Unit, including:


    • Teacher's guide for Day 5: GROUP STEM

    • The accompanying science observation sheets from each of the Student Workbooks

    • A few items from our Printable Pack, all about rocks, minerals, and crystals! 

    • A booklist for this unit study

    • and the 20-lesson overview to see all that this unit study has to offer!


    This sample pack feature age appropriate learning activities, STEM, and resources for family style learning, like today’s group STEM - growing DIY geode crystals! 


    Little Explorers (ages 3-5) will practice observation and recording by drawing what they see!


    Junior Explorers (ages 6-8) will practice observation and recording by drawing what they see!


    Senior Explorers (ages 9-11) explore sensory observations within the scientific process!


    Expert Explorers (ages 12+) will make predictions, and record variables from what they observe! 


    Sign up today to get our Geology Unit, plus all freebies and resources for the introductory price of just $15/month!


    If you would like to explore with us and get our entire Geology Unit for over 50% off you can by signing up for our Nature Study Club at the link below!


    Nature Study Club


    * This is a digital resource. No physical item will be sent 


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