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Fall Harvest & Homesteading Book Club
  • Fall Harvest & Homesteading Book Club

    Rich colors of orange, red, and yellow in the wind-swirled leaves and the harvest sunsets, does it get any better?! Fall is almost here, friends! Just in time for those cozy, color-soaked days spent reading a good book, we have for you, the annual For the Love of Homeschooling Fall Book Club - Homesteading Edition! 


    The Fall Book Club is a one-of-a-kind reading program that features over 40 homesteading and harvest-themed, book-inspired, digital learning packs, that were thoughtfully created by some of our favorite curriculum writers and resource creators! Your child can choose any of the titles from the long list of fall book favorites, and then complete the companion unit for that book to allow for interest-led, child-guided reading fun!

    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent.

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q - What is the For the Love of Homeschooling Fall Harvest & Homesteading Book Club?

      A - Our Fall Book Club is a collection of over 40 Book Inspired Learning Packs that were created to go along with some of our favorite harvest & Homesteading themed books!!


      Q - Are these the same book packs that were in last years Fall book club?

      A - No! This is  completely NEW COLLECTION of Fall Book-inspired learning packs, with a brand new emphasis on harvest and homesteading!

      Q - Will I receive anything in the mail?

      A - No. Our Fall Book Club is completely digital and once you checkout you will receive an email with a pdf that will give you instant access to all of the digital learning packs!


      Q - What books are the book guides made to go with?

      A - Click HERE for the full list of books that inspired these guides.


      Q - Where can I find the books that go along with these guides?

      A - We suggest checking your local library for the books or purchasing them if you would like. We have also included links to many of the books in audio or video format so that if you are unable to access the physical book you can still enjoy these units!


      Q - What ages is the Fall Book Club best suited for?

      A - Ages 3 - 12! We have included a variety of book types from picture books for younger children to several chapter books for the older ones, as well as lots of nature-themed books that are suitable for all ages. 


      Q - How long do I have to download the Book Club Resources after I purchase?

      A - The link you received in your email is valid for 30 days. We encourage you to download the 1-page pdf in that email within 30 days. From there you will always have access to the material through the 1-page pdf. If at any time you lose your files or are unable to download the pdf within the 30 days you can just send me an email at with your proof of purchase and we will resend you the files to download.


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