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Each month club members will receive:

  • A Brand New Printable Nature Study with in-depth daily plans, a teacher's manual, and student workbooks for 4 age levels (Little Explorer 3-5, Junior Explorer 6-8, Senior Explorer 9-11 & Expert Explorer 12 & up) delivered to your inbox ($25 value)

  • Original games, crafts, recipes, art projects, and a custom watercolor tutorial on the nature study topic of the month. 

  • Weekly nature freebies and discounts that won't be available anywhere else! (Min $10/mth value)

  • Monthly prizes and giveaways that are exclusively for Nature Study Club Members


The For the Love of Homeschooling Nature Study Club is an
in-depth, all-ages curriculum that can be enjoyed worldwide and aims to take you and your children deeper into the marvelous world of nature than you have ever been before!

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Our October Nature Study is all about Deciduous Trees!

  • Nature Study Club

    Every month
    Join the For the Love of Homeschooling Nature Study Club!
    • Membership Includes:
    • Monthly Nature Studies ($25 value)
    • Games, crafts, recipes, art projects, & watercolor tutorial
    • Weekly freebies/discounts just for Club members
    • Exclusive nature challenges with prizes & giveaways

Here's What Club Members Will Explore This Month

In Nature Study Club: Deciduous Trees we will take an in-depth look at what makes a tree deciduous with a special in depth focus on four trees: oak, apple, maple, and birch!


You will write, create art, study the field of botany, and conduct experiments and STEM activities as you learn all about deciduous trees!  


Here's more on what Club Members will explore this month!

* Learn about four trees in depth: apple, sugar maple, birch, and oak!

* Discover how these trees develop and grow

* Learn about photosynthesis

* Follow along with watercolor artist Bonnie Hunt in this month’s watercolor art tutorial and learn to paint a cluster of acorns!

* Make a birch tree painting

* Learn about tree and trunk anatomy

* Use chromatography to discover how chlorophyll works

* Create your own maple leaves!

* Design your own Deciduous tree seed!

* Study phyllotaxy (leaf patterns on branches)

* Learn how fruit develops from a blossom

* Play our original game TREEQUENCE

* Complete a whittling project (unique projects for Junior, Senior, and