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The World Around Me Mega Bundle

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The World Around Me
Mega Bundle

Around the World in 80 Recipes


Option 1 includes all 95+ digital products included in The Around the World Mega Bundle PLUS the BRAND NEW Around the World in 80 Recipes' Cookbook!

A portion of the proceeds of each upgrade sale will be donated to Heifer International so that as we eat and celebrate food from around the world, we help fight poverty and hungry with wholistic and local solutions. 

Around the World in 80 recipes features 80 easy to follow recipes from 50 countries! The authors have ensured that each recipe includes directions for how it can be made dairy, nut, and gluten free, opening a world of flavor to those whose allergies often restrict their options.


You can still purschase the Around the World in 80 Recipes Cookbook now at the link below!

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The World Around Me
Mega Bundle

Option 2 This BRAND NEW digital collection was created to help your children connect with the world around them through country, culture, nature and social studies! With over 95 digital learning resources, this bundle is our largest collection yet and full of new releases that have never before been available in previous bundles!


For only $25 from now through February 8th you can purchase  this thoughtfully curated collection of learning resources that are perfect for children ages 3 -  14!




See What's Included!

The World Around Me Mega Bundle Sale is over but you can still purchase the individual products that were included in the bundle directly from their creators through the links below.

Country & Culture Studies -


Learn about several different countries (Australia, Canada, England, France, Haiti, Pakistan, South Africa, the United states of America and more), famous landmarks and people from around the world, maps and travel in this section of the World Around Me Mega Bundle. Use the Children of the World paper doll collection to celebrate the beautiful diversity of many different countries and cultures.

Nature Study -


Take a closer look at the different wildlife, plant life and ecosystems of our planet in this section of the Around the World Mega Bundle. Features in-depth studies on Earth's 4 ecospheres, wild life studies from 4 continents, plus nature studies and crafts on many things you encounter everyday like birds, rocks, trees, plants, weather and more. Use the included nature journal to record your findings and extend your learning!

ME in the World -


Discover new ways to teach your children empathy & kindness in this section of the World Around Me Mega Bundle. Read stories of kindness & empathy, learn sign language (ASL & BSL included), discover different ways to resolve conflict& regulate big feelings. Use the affirmation cards to remind your children of just how special they are. The Me in the World section is a beautiful way to help instil kindness & love in your children for themselves & others!

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Haiti Country Study by Thistles & Biscuits.jpg

Haiti Unit Study

By Thistles & Biscuits

Take a trip to Haiti! Learn about Haiti’s history and culture, wildlife and landscape and music, botany and more!! Bring a little bit of Haiti into your kitchen as you fry plantains and learn to make one of Haiti's most culturally important soups! Get your language skills ready -- you may just learn a little Haitian Creole along the way!

Nature Journal by Wildflowers By Sarah.jpg

Wild Explorer Nature Journal

By Wildflowers by Sarah

A Guided Nature Journal with 60+ pages of prompts, field notes, guides, inspiring quotes 7 activities!  Includes: Lunar Log, Nature’s Treasures, Pond, Leaves, Trees, Moss, Lichens, Fungi, Birds, Tracks & Scat, Nest+Eggs, Garden Snails, Spirals in Nature, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Garden Log, Honeybees, Clouds, Constellations, Wildflowers & so much more!

Geography Unit by WonderHere .jpg

Geography Unit Study

By Wonder HERE

Hands-on and engaging social studies FUN starts HERE. Collaborative learning through play & experiences, all benchmarks K-6 are included- allowing entry points for different ages & abilities found within your home. What is included? - Instructor Guide - Student Workbook - Thematic Math Project (3 Levels) - "First Things First" Guide 

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Why We Travel A Copy Work Collection by The Whispering Glen.jpeg

Why We Travel:
A Copy Work Collection

By The Whispering Glen

Empathy, compassion, and understanding are all qualities that will surely grow when one takes the time to travel and see outside their own world. This travel themed copy work and print pack includes twelve beautiful quotes, which will inspire and engage the imagination with all of the possibilities through traveling and seeing the world!

American Girl History Kaya - Little School of Smiths.jpg.JPEG

American Girl History
Kaya 1764

By Little School of Smiths

This is a 4 week study to learn what it was like to live as a Native American in the 1700’s. It includes a weekly guide through literature, hands on activities, a narration notebook, recipes, crafts, and more! Learn aboutThe Nez Perce people & culture, The Pacific Northwest, Appaloosa horses, Painted Parfleches, Salmon, Weaving, and the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Our World Bilingual Cards by Cedar Hill Kids Homeschool.JPG

Our World Bilingual Cards

By Cedarhill Kids

Includes color illustrated alphabet; designed to create intentionality about our planet while learning Spanish vocabulary! Each card can be printed double-sided. The front of the card includes a letter of the Spanish alphabet, with a coordinated watercolor illustration and an example word in both English and Spanish. The back of the card, if you choose to print it like that, includes a definition for the word and our favorite part: a task or activity suggestion!

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Canada Unit Study by Sparks of Love & Ginger  (1).jpg

Canada Unit Study

By Sparks of Love & Ginger

Enjoy this unit study that introduces you to the beauty of Canada. Learn about the Canadian flag, geography, beavers and moose. Read stories by Canada's indigenous peoples and make a messy but delicious Québécois dish. This and more await you in this digital unit study.

An Explorers Field Guide by Playroom Activities (1).jpg

An Explorer's Field Guide

By Playroom Activities

Learn about geography and where you live while crafting and having fun! Explore the 7 Wonders of the World, 7 Continents, make your own compass, track your observations, learn about different landforms and so much more.

Rock Collection Journal by Books and Willows.jpg

Rock Collection Journal

By Books & Willows

Learn how to identify rocks & minerals & log your rock collection in this new nature journal! Includes a quick start guide with details on how to test & identify your specimens, recommended gear, & book list. Your rock log pages include sections for date/time, location, classification, descriptions for color, luster, cleavage, streak test, hardness, & more! Plus Montessori Rocks & Minerals cards.

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ExplorersGuide EarlySpring - Linda Mydalk.heic

Explorer's Guide Early Spring

By Linda Mydalk

This lovely guide was created to help discover the early signs of spring through exploration, crafts and baking. 

Global Exploration by Liberty Lions Academy.jpeg

Global Exploration

By Liberty Lions Academy

JOURNEY THE WORLD RIGHT FROM INSIDE YOUR HOME! Includes 19 Printable Maps to use while you study Geography & History • 4 Country Worksheets that you can use to document your discoveries as you learn about different countries around the world • Main Types of Government: A Brief Overview poster • Search The Globe -- Word Search & Answer Key  plus more!

Copy of ALL SHOPS P.I. FLIP.png

Children of the World Paper Doll Bundle

By Lily & Thistle

This 300 page pack includes paper dolls in various skin tones from all around the world. also includes outfits and clothing from different countries and eras. Countless hours of fun are to be had with this beautiful collection.

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Homes of the World by Mawar Ketjil.jpg

Homes of the World

By Mawar Ketjil

•Features several different homes from around the world including: Funaya • Hanok • Shophouse • Joglo • Ger • Teepee • Igloo • Totora Perfect for little explorers who are eager to know more about different dwellings around the world! Packed with facts and diagram parts of the building, will help you and your little ones to study more 

Plants of the World  y Little World Wanderer.jpg

Flowers of the World

By Little World Wanderers

An exploration unit in flowers and folktales from all around the world.

Birds of the World by MawarKetjil.jpg

Birds of the World

By Birds of the World

12 Birds Anatomy Cards Set consist of: - Cassowary - Kiwi - Sparrow - Pigeon - Rhinoceros Hornbill - Bird-of-paradise - Cockatoo - Flamingo - Puffin - Owl - Swan - Macaw From flightless birds to exotic birds, from those that have elongated legs & necks to the common birds you can find around your home

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Australia Country Study by Wild Feather Edu.jpg

Australia Unit

By Wild Feather Edu

A country unit of Australia, features Australian history, mapping activities, climates of Australia, Australian flag information & activities, Aboriginal Australia